Three of the best places for breakfast in Athens

Breakfast in Athens

Oh, friends, female logic such logic. Here I read yesterday post about the difficulties of understanding with local faced by foreigners living in Greece. Upset even once. And what I did then? Went to the site to see flights to Athens and cute flats for vacation rentals. But the holiday is not planned anyway, so that the direction of energy in a positive direction, I decided to tell you about their three most favorite place for breakfast in Athens. 

1. Monastiraki Square Coffee on verhnem  Floor of “A for Athens”

About this cafe I think I first learned from dionissia25 . And soon she was around early June morning. Emerged from the subway under the crazy smell of fresh strawberries on empty yet Monastiraki Square , crossed the road and stood in a cafe on the tiny lift characteristic of the Athenian model of ” one way we go, we leave a completely different . ” Randomly asked the waiter: ” A bit of croissants do you have? ” He shook his head: “Alas, only toast . ” Then suddenly brought together with two hot cappuccino and croissant did not want money for them.

Then I was there again, and again, and of course, all the other times I have brought exactly what ordered: good coffee and fresh orange juice.

Overall, this place would be quite normal cafe, if not the kind that is impossible to break:

 Address : Miaouli 2 (alone hotel, KSTATI, in the form of TOZE ok)

2. Cafe at Acropolis Museum

Pleasant, of course, combine brunch or lunch in this cafe staring with antique statues and bas-reliefs in the museum. But if someone suddenly wants to go without a meal three hours wandering the halls, the museum box office give free tickets to special ” only in the cafe “, which did not include an examination of the exhibits.

Here in the picture is so empty, because suddenly it began to rain, and all fled from the roof, including the waiters. I could not so easy to part with panna cotta, and stayed. Suddenly, after a few minutes the rain stopped rainbow in half the sky. And I went to roam the streets of the Plaka , new and familiar, but transfigured past rain and sun vyglyanuvshim so every stone, leaf and the window seemed quite simply unbearable fine.

There is generally an interesting idea: the menu is composed of dishes typical of the various Greek regions.Therefore, there was not only delicious, but also informative 🙂

Address : Dionisiou Areopagitou, 15

3 Coffee “Chocolate” in TIĆI

Cafe Christina recommended me, a man with an extremely refined taste. Therefore, even though I do not like chocolate, but once I was sure that does not disappoint in this cafe. So it turned out: in addition to the delicious food and cocktails, there’s still a very good location and free wi-fi.

Despite the fact that there was a terrible heat, I was pleasantly surprised that the open roof was not hot because the air-conditioned with a special cooling street. And great to sit there in the evenings, watching passers-by and a huge disk of the moon over the Acropolis.

 Address : Apostolou Pavlou 27, Thisio

And, regardless of the rating, because it is always in my heart (as it may sound pathetic) mikrokofeynya on the street. Apollonas, about which I remember all the time, as soon as I tell about Athens. It is so cleverly hidden among the shops of church utensils that every time I’m afraid for some reason that I did not find it. Or worse, that it will be closed. But more luck, both available at the cafe tables are available, and the counter rustling unchanging old Greek who inexplicably scary rejoices our parish. I too am happy, especially when it is possible to maintain a minimum of small talk in Greek (in English owner does not speak). The last time he informed us that he had seen as many as two Russian film ” 12 “and” The Return “, and was extremely pleased 🙂

He also has the world’s best cappuccino Fred 2 euros. Miss.

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