One of the most eastern islands of the Northern Sporades Alonissos is considered a paradise for fans of relaxing in style Robinson. That does not surprise me: this long, narrow plot of land with tiny islands Peristera, Adelfopulo, Adelphi, Lehusa, Piperion, Jura, Kira Panagia-Psatura and create a secluded and very beautiful archipelago, lost somewhere in the Aegean Sea.

Because Alonissos lies far from the popular ferry routes, as well as the lack of airport travelers here not so much. It’s for the best: beautiful scenery of the island along with the magnificent sandy beaches only be lost from the crowds of holidaymakers. And yet Alonissos has its fans every year seeking to enter it in this idyllic corner of Greece – for the sake of the beautiful wild nature, amazing pine forests, vertiginous cliffs, terminating in the sea, an abundance of fragrant flowers and herbs.

On the island harmoniously olive groves with arbutus, heather stone oak.

How to get there

By ferry from Volos and Thessaloniki , which also make a stop on Skiathos and Skopelos.

The main decoration of the island is a natural character – is created in the 1992 National Marine Park.


Many beaches on the island, most of them are not equipped, so carefully review the nearby area, to make sure that it is not necessary to hug the three liters of water and a great big umbrella from the hot Greek sun.

Average developed (by the standards of Alonissos, of course) infrastructure – on the beach Megalos-Murtias where you can eat in the tavern and buy an ice cream stall in children. Tourists with kids also enjoy on sandy Chrissi-Milla (“Golden Apple Tree”), thanks to the calm water, the smooth bottom and shallow depth. It is just 4 km from Patitiri is a pleasant 20-minute voyage on the boat.

Another couple of miles by water from the beach, and you can get into Leptos Gialos – very picturesque bay with white sand.

Prefer leisure necessary to direct our feet into the bay wall Vala, where you can go sailing and diving. Relative seclusion look at the pebble beach and Glyph Agios Petros.

Another equipped with beach umbrellas and deckchairs – Kokkinokastro – attract visitors the opportunity to see the sunken ancient city. Say something such opportunity is there, but nobody has seen it – too deep. But the scenery above the water can inspire even insensitive oaf: steep cliff with a red ground, emerald pine trees on top and azure color water … well, rainbow rests.

Alonissos is considered the best beach of Agios Dimitrios, who, by the way, according to various publications and portals often fall into the “tops” the best beaches of the world.Finally, Marpunta, not just the beach, but the whole village, where once two sandy coast section, where you can swim.

Entertainment, tours and attractions Alonissos

The island’s capital and main port at the same time it Patitírion (or Patitiri) is conveniently located in a sheltered bay on the south-east of Alonissos. Because earthquakes here are not many antiques but cozy atmosphere of narrow streets and kindness of local residents more than cover the lack of “excursion component.”

Actually, the main decoration of the island is a natural character – is created in the 1992 National Marine Park, which is east of Alonissos. It is home to rare monk seals, dolphins, wild goats and seabirds. In these places, as well as all over the island, laid 14 marked trails, opening at every turn more and more corners of this vibrant, lost in the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, is truly a paradise island.

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