Camping Cassandra


The most popular resorts in the northern Greek peninsula of Halkidiki is located in the south-east of Thessaloniki. Tours in Halkidiki – a holiday on the beautiful beaches lapped by clear turquoise waves, white soft sand, clear air laden with scents of pine needles and the sea.

As is known, the peninsula consists of three main parts: Cassandra, Sithonia and Mount Athos. Start in Halkidiki is an opportunity not only to spend time sunbathing on the beach, but also to visit the places shrouded in myths and legends of ancient Greece.The resort is perfect for a relaxing family holiday with children. Buying tour in Halkidiki you can choose a hotel based on your budget.

Rest in Kassandra

Cassandra – the most densely populated of the three peninsulas of Halkidiki, here each year tens of thousands of tourists have a rest from all over the world as well as locals. In addition to magnificent beaches, turquoise waters and a developed tourist infrastructure, Kassandra is famous for its exciting nightlife. Here you can find a variety of restaurants, nightclubs, taverns, discos along the coast. In addition, the resort is famous for its thermal springs, comfortable goodies, villas and cozy family hotel.


The climate is subtropical Mediterranean Kassandra peninsula, known for hot summers and mild, wet winters. The local climate is favorable for recreation, and its distinguishing feature is that in the season of showers region is not heavily exposed to rainfall, thanks to a vacation at the resort all year round.

Season Vacation Cassandra starts in May and ends in October. Climate of the peninsula is perfect for summer holidays. There is no extreme heat and sudden changes in temperature. The average summer temperature is + 29 ° C – + 31 ° C, sea water warms up to the level of + 25 ° C. In winter the climate is favorable for excursions as the temperature does not drop below + 15 ° C.


Attractions Cassandra

Booking a tour in Kassandra on our site, you can get acquainted with the rich history of this region. There is something to see. Almost every village and town can demonstrate a variety of historical and religious monuments. We are happy to acquaint you with some of them.

Inspection of the Kassandra peninsula is better to start with a small town of Nea Potidea, here you can see the remains of an ancient fortress and channel.

When to visit Nea Potidea Fokia. There is a Byzantine tower and church, which are thought to himself the Apostle Paul preached. Not far from this place is the Chapel of St.Paul. From the tower on a hill offering stunning views of the coast and the neighboring Cassandra Sithonia.

Near Nea Fokia is Afitos. Despite the fact that a small town, there is something to see: the archeological excavations in the town Afit, an ethnographic museum, an ancient quarry, the picturesque churches, the sources Mudunov and Vrisitsy. This place is ideal for quiet pedestrian stroll on the seafront.

South of the town of Afitos, near the village of Kallithea, is a sanctuary of Zeus Ammon – the most significant archaeological monument peninsula. Historical mention of the temple belong to the early Copper era. The scenic beauty of nature, lush vegetation and the inhabitants of the ancient cave prompted Afit to build a sanctuary in this beautiful place.

Temple of Poseidon

Sit on the Cape is one of the most important historical sites of interest Greece – Temple of Poseidon. References to the temple have been found in the manuscripts of the Holy Mount Athos 14. At the edge of the Cape in 1864, the lighthouse was built, which is perfectly preserved to this day.

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