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Peloponnese peninsula – one of the largest and most interesting regions of Greece. It is located in the south of the Balkan Peninsula and bordered by the Ionian Sea to the west and the Aegean – in the east. The largest city in the region – Patras, a large and bustling city with a trade port and a special lively atmosphere, Kalamara – tourist center with its own airport and Nafplion – the first capital of Greece.

Resorts Peloponnese attract lovers of luxurious spacious beaches and secluded coves, lush green forests and picturesque mountains, ancient architecture, and delicious Mediterranean cuisine. The peninsula is beautiful in every corner of his and attractive to tourists all year round. In winter, it attracts fans of winter sports, from June to October – Beach lovers, but the region’s most important asset – its history, ancient cities and priceless archaeological sites, which attract thousands of travelers almost all seasons.

Peloponnese – the birthplace of the ancient Greek history and culture. With the help of archaeological excavations there were found objects of everyday life of the first settlements of the peninsula, ancient architectural buildings and even entire cities that existed on the peninsula since the beginning of the Bronze Age to the Middle Ages.

There is Sparta – famous city warriors, Olympia, where the first Olympic Games were held, as well as medieval fortresses, temples of the ancient Greek gods, with theaters preserved in their stunning acoustics.

Peloponnese Hotels vary in price and design depending on the county in which they reside. There are luxury villas, small cottages, a spa, velness-, eco-friendly hotel, well-known Greek network giants. Stay on the Peloponnese present a fabulous vacation at the seaside, surrounded by mountains and unspoiled nature as well as the opportunity to plunge into the magical atmosphere of the ancient and medieval Greece.


Tours of the historical sites are an integral part of the Peloponnese peninsula recreation.In the compulsory program includes a visit to ancient Olympia with a huge stadium, which for many years hosted the Olympic Games, starting with the very first game of the year 776 BC, the ruins of ancient Sparta – the legendary military city, and the city of Mycenae, which is in the II millennium BC, was the center of ancient Greek civilization.

Among the other attractions of tourists are particularly attracted to the Odeon times reign of the Roman Empire, the medieval fortress of Patras, Koroni, Methoni, Mystras and Monemvasía, the city of Corinth, Epidaurus city with the oldest ancient theater, the Venetian castle Bourtzi, thermal springs of Loutra Caiaphas. This is not a complete list of amazing places on the peninsula, and to inspect all of them need more than one vacation. In addition, the convenient location of the Peloponnese enables tourists to travel on trips to the Greek capital Athens and the nearby cities.


Climate Peloponnese softer and warmer. In any season, the weather is conducive to relaxation and comfort. The average daily temperature in summer is + 30 ° C, and the sea temperature varies depending on the coast – from + 22 ° C to + 27 ° C. Trade winds and a lot of vegetation allow you to enjoy your vacation even on the hottest days. The warmest months – June and July, September and October – the “velvet season”. Winter is very warm and quite dry, especially on the coasts. In the central part of the peninsula the climate is more humid, sometimes it snows in the winter and on high mountain slopes from mid-December to late February last ski season.


Region Peloponnese is divided into seven administrative and territorial districts. Beaches of each of them are unique and varied. Among them are sandy and pebble beaches, youth and family, crowded, secluded and very wild. The most beautiful beach is considered Voydokiliya, which is in the district of Messina. On it there are sand dunes, formed in the shape of a horseshoe, and the rich nature surrounding the beach, made Voydokiliyu haven for thousands of native birds.

This and many other beaches awarded the Blue Flag of the Peloponnese – the prestigious mark of high quality beaches, which is awarded by the European Commission on the Environment. Huge selection of coastal zones can satisfy any wishes of tourists. Among young people and families with small children are popular large sandy beaches with good infrastructure and pebble beaches and combined often choose judges crystal clear water and quiet secluded holiday.


Holiday resorts of the peninsula, tourists like to visit the recreational activities that take place in hotels and clubs, diving, active sports. A great alternative to a beach holiday are boat trips to local coves, caves, nearby islands and cays. With the ferry you can reach the most beautiful lagoon on the island of Elafonisi where the always calm, crystal clear waters and pink sand placers. Another beautiful beach is in a bay on the island of Zakynthos Navadzhio. It is known that it is the white sandy shores of wrecked ship smugglers.

Among the favorite activities of tourists hiking are also popular in the peninsula, as in the beautiful mountainous and hilly areas have a lot of ringing the mountain rivers, waterfalls and mysterious caves. The most famous of them – Deere cave filled with water. Tour takes in part on her boat, partly on foot. Near the cave is also a beautiful beach.

And of course, vacation in Greece is unimaginable without visiting local restaurants and taverns. In different districts of the Peloponnese, they are very different from each other. Restaurants Ionian coast include many menu of Italian cuisine, and those that are located on the east coast, mainly offer traditional Greek dishes.

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