Camping Sithonia


The most popular resorts in the northern Greek peninsula of Halkidiki is located in the south-east of Thessaloniki. Tours in Halkidiki – a holiday on the beautiful beaches lapped by clear turquoise waves, white soft sand, clear air laden with scents of pine needles and the sea.

As is known, the peninsula consists of three main parts: Cassandra, Sithonia and Mount Athos. Start in Halkidiki is an opportunity not only to spend time sunbathing on the beach, but also to visit the places shrouded in myths and legends of ancient Greece.The resort is perfect for a relaxing family holiday with children. Buying tour in Halkidiki you can choose a hotel based on your budget.

Rest in Sithonia

Sithonia – the second peninsula of Halkidiki. This picturesque peninsula with rocky terrain, many beaches and pine forests, on the east side of the coast is washed by the Gulf Singitikos and the west coast of the bay – Cassandra. In the central part of the island is the highest mountain in the peninsula – Itamos, whose height is 800 meters. Tours to Sithonia will give tourists an unforgettable, relaxing holiday away from civilization.

Peninsula coastline is very diverse – small fishing villages, beautiful harbors and coves, sandy beaches surrounded by thickets of bushes and trees.

But despite the calm prevailing in Sithonia, here you can find something to do, not only during the day but also at night. After all, you can pick up on the peninsula entertainment for all tastes.


In Sithonia Mediterranean climate, typical dry and hot summers and mild, wet winters with abundant precipitation. Season swim here last May and ends in September. The average temperature here reaches elevations + 28 ° C – + 30 ° C, and in the hottest summer months of July and August, the air is heated to 35 ° C. Since summer is usually always dry, the heat is transferred easily. Due to the fact that the area is protected by the mountains, strong winds here does not happen, so the sea here is calm, and warmed to a temperature of + 24 ° C + 26 ° C.

Sithonia Beaches

The beaches of Sithonia are particularly appeal thanks to the pure golden sand, emerald-blue water and lush vegetation, the approaching straight to the edge of the beach.

Lagomandra – a beautiful sandy beach surrounded by beautiful nature. The magnificent pine forest rises straight to the coast, create a cool shade and a beautiful landscape.Cape Coast is divided into two parts. On the north side of a beach, in the south have the opportunity to enjoy water sports. The sea is deeper than in the rest of Sithonia. Here there are many tourist facilities. He was awarded the “Blue Flag” of the EU.

Kalogria – is located 5 km south of Nikiti is a popular and picturesque beach. A special feature of the beach its velvety white sand and a small island, a rock near the shore, near the center of the Gulf of Kalogria. In the northern part of the beach is the beach-bar with umbrellas and sunbeds. The water depth is small, especially in the southern part of the beach.

Kovda – a quiet, small cove, with a warm emerald water, surrounded by beautiful nature.Kovda considered one of the most picturesque coastlines near Nikiti. The depth of the water here is low. The sea here is mainly quiet, thanks to the fact that the bay is protected by the mountains. So as the weather is generally sunny, the water warms up well and retains its heat even in May and June and the end of September. Access to the rocky shore in some places of particular interest to divers and underwater fishing lovers.

Agia Yanni – located near Nikita is a beautiful beach with clean sand and clean water.Here you can enjoy a variety of sports and visit interesting events and concerts. The beach has a parking lot, there are several beach-bars. To the west of the beach there is a small island of Kastri, which you can get to wade. On the island you can see the remains of the fortress wall and other historical sights.

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