Chalkidiki Mount Athos


The most popular resorts in the northern Greek peninsula of Halkidiki is located in the south-east of Thessaloniki. Tours in Halkidiki – a holiday on the beautiful beaches lapped by clear turquoise waves, white soft sand, clear air laden with scents of pine needles and the sea.

As is known, the peninsula consists of three main parts: Cassandra, Sithonia and Mount Athos. Start in Halkidiki is an opportunity not only to spend time sunbathing on the beach, but also to visit the places shrouded in myths and legends of ancient Greece.The resort is perfect for a relaxing family holiday with children. Buying tour in Halkidiki you can choose a hotel based on your budget.

Holiday in Mount Athos

Holy sorrow Athos is the third peninsula Halidiki. Due to the unique nature of Mount Athos is the very beautiful region of the three peninsulas of Halkidiki. Road to Mount Athos give the opportunity to visit the only place in Greece, is fully devoted to the worship of God and prayer. It is the world’s only independent monastic state and the Orthodox spiritual center since 1054. Today in Mount Athos has about 20 monasteries, which are home to 1,700 monks. On the peninsula of Mount Athos stretched many cozy and comfortable hotels that offer comfortable accommodation. Women were forbidden entrance to Mount Athos, men can visit the mountain only after obtaining special permission.

The mountain itself is a cone height of 2.033 meters. Its top rushed into the sky, and the slopes are covered with stately trees, creating an unforgettable experience while climbing.


The holiday season lasts from May to September. The temperature ranges from an average of 28 to 30 ° C, in the hottest summer months of July and August the air is heated to 35 ° C. The climate in the area is dry, so the heat is transferred easily. So, as a peninsula protected by the mountains, the sea is calm, and in the summer the water warms up to + 24- + 26 ° C.

The climate of Mount Athos Mediterranean subtropical, with mild, wet winters and hot summers. Lush oak, fir, chestnut forests and lush mountain moorland harbor and most of the peninsula. Snow falls are extremely rare and almost immediately melts. From the mountains flow down into the valley of mountain streams, which are the source of drinking water.

Resorts Chalkidiki

Peninsula administratively divided province of Chalkidiki and Aghion Oros monasheskoe gosudarstvo (holiness aphonia) with tsetrom in City block.

The region’s capital – the city of Polygyros. Rospolozhen in a picturesque valley at the foot of Holomonda, at a distance of 70 km from Thessaloniki. To the north of the city lie the beautiful hillsides covered with lush oak forests. Low hills, mountain streams and gullies leading to the fertile valley where stretches a huge olive grove, as well as to settlements Gerakini Kalives. Above the city is the hill of Agios Ilias (Saint Ilia) with a chapel on top of the mountain.

The city’s population of about 11 000 people. Local residents are mainly engaged in animal husbandry and agriculture. The main products of the region is olive oil, and its own brand of olives. Their marinated salted as green (olive), and black (black olives).

Athos Beaches

By purchasing a ticket to Mount Athos, you have the opportunity not only to visit this sacred place, and enjoy a wonderful beach holiday. We will introduce you to some of the beaches in the region.

Olympics – sandy beach in the north-east of the peninsula. A distinctive feature of the beach – platan grove, which he covered with. On the beach there are bars, cafes and taverns. Here you can enjoy a variety of sports and buy souvenirs in small shops.

Develik – a beach near a small fishing village Gomati. In the many taverns located on the beach you can enjoy fresh seafood. Near the beach stretches Develik small, cozy beach – Castries.

Ierissos – modern organized beach, right next to the village. The beach has a beach-bars, Camping, shops and taverns.

Komitsa – it’s long and wide sandy beach. Special award “Blue Flag” by the EU. On the beach there is a campsite.

Tripiti Beach – very convenient for swimming. It stretches for 7 km to Ouranoupoli.Along the coast stretches the hotel have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of water sports.

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