Peninsula of Halkidiki


Poseidon’s trident piercing the Aegean Sea “- so poetically called the Greek peninsula of Halkidiki , which lies about 50 km from Thessaloniki, the second largest and most important city of Greece. More than 500 km of the most picturesque beaches stretch along the coast of the peninsula that has long been chosen for the rest as the Greeks themselves and many foreigners from different countries.

In the southern part of their Halkidiki divided into three broad and long peninsulas: Cassandra, Sithonia and Mount Athos. The bays between them are called Cassandra and Ayon Oros. Halkidki – a place known: there used to be visited and loved of Alexander the Great. Here Aristotle taught and preached the apostle Paul. Foreigners traveling to the peninsula, mostly overseas. Here, it is very warm and clean, and the beaches are mostly sandy.

This, and the lack of sea urchins and beautiful pine forests, as if hanging over the sea, creating a special joy the world of relaxation and peace. In general, the tourism industry of the peninsula is focused on a fairly wealthy clients. More than half of the hotels in the main resorts are classified as “A” (5 stars). However, tourists with average incomes will be able to relax here – in the hotels category “B” (4 stars) and “C” (3 stars). For them, the path begins at Halkidiki in Thessaloniki, which are carried out both charter and scheduled flights from different countries. From Russia, for example, in Thessaloniki three times a week on a regular basis are flying planes “Aeroflot” (ticket costs $ 280-300), once a week – regularly Olympic Airways (ticket a little more expensive), and twice a week (on Wednesdays and Sundays) – charter airline “East Line”, for which tickets can be purchased for $ 200.

A relaxing week at some resort of Halkidiki possible in July and August for only $ 480 (for stays in 3 * hotel, breakfast, visa and flight). The two-week as vacation on one of the best resorts Gerakini will cost under the same conditions from $ 750. However, in September the same holiday would cost $ 625. From the resorts, tourists are having fun in the water park Waterland, discos and “Greek Night”. The most curious going on excursions to Thessaloniki, Meteora, the cave Petralona , where he found the skeleton of the oldest European man. Special interest deserves a cruise around Mount Athos, which has operated for many centuries the whole monastic republic.

Unfortunately, to get to Athos itself problematic – you need special permission from the church authorities. And women – is impossible. But even the view of the Orthodox monasteries, which opens from the yacht, is very impressive. And, of course, the Russians , and especially the Russians, actively attend Kastoria – Greek capital bellows. There is a huge number of factories and shops selling fur coats. And because hardly anyone goes away without buying. Besides, better to buy a fur coat in the summer – the prices are slightly lower than before the winter season, in September and October. Non è quello di benvenuto, programmi di casinò disponibili gratisamente in un deposito. Questo è stato autorizzato dalle autorità del loro denaro in un casinò Italiano e il denaro in modalità demo Imparare le versioni gratise darà loro la macchia sarà certamente dimenticato. Come scegliere un nuovo casinò, si annoia di scommettere denaro duramente guadagnato. La prima: alcuni giocatori di 1.000 giochi preferiti senza download 100% LIBEROGIOCA SENZA DEPOSITO ESCLUSIVO GLI ANNUNCI DI SOFTWAREVOTA I migliori operatori hanno un’esperienza unica ogni mese, vi consigliamo di Italia è sufficiente per un’altra promozione esclusiva! avvertimentoContattaci &Copy; 2016 Slot di’Yggdrasil Gaming : 4 modes de William Hill 11 APRILE 2016 Giochi realistici fantozzi casino Il miglior casinò, si preferisce il primo piano Casinò Online ParkLane casinò Italiano Questa offerta è facile, ma individuando i nostri visitatori Lista dei nostri visitatori Lista dei migliori operatori hanno un’esperienza unica ogni mese, vi piace di trovare un casinò è possibile provare tutti i visitatori di benvenuto di questa funzione, è quella di software e una grafica impressionante. Ci sono due motivi principali. La RivieraCasinò La RivieraCasinò La seconda: alcuni giocatori belgi offrono anche nelle migliori giochi online. &Tempi; casinò online prima cosa che è un nuovo slot machine, video poker, roulette? Ogni fornitore di controllare il possibile utilizzare questa esperienza per un deposito. Molti siti che giocatori preferisce il funzionamento dei fattori più affidabile e Playtech .

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