Eight museums in Kos


Kos – pretty small, but very charming Greek island located in the south-eastern Aegean. It is the third largest and the first by the beauty of nature among the archipelago Dodecanese . For the diversity of the landscape and the beauty of nature for a clean environment and a large number of marvelous plantsKos Island  has been called “the garden of the Aegean Sea.”

In addition to the natural attractions in Kos and you can enjoy an extremely rich cultural program. Here it is one of the oldest and most unique trees in Europe – the plane tree under which Hippocrates, the great thinker spent his classes with students.

The historical heritage of the island is represented by a huge number of museums, castles and temples dedicated to the gods, the patron of science. On Spit your eyes open numerous archaeological beauty of the Roman and Byzantine rule, as well as the Turkish and Persian periods.

In summer, the streets of Kos reigns real heat to escape from which is possible only on the seashore or in a cool room museum, which is on the island pretty much.

Museums Kos

The Archaeological Museum of Kos is located in the capital of the same name on the spacious Freedom Square. The locals really have something to be proud of – in the main museum of the island gathered all the rich heritage of ancient Greece .

Here you will find countless collections of ceramics of different eras, magnificent white marble sculpture of the inhabitants of Olympus and heroes of myths.Special attention is given rooms that are old mosaic. The rich color palette and intricate storyline fascinate and convey the atmosphere of solemnity.Traditional costumes, decorations and household items, bas-reliefs and frescoes await you in the spacious halls of the Archaeological Museum.

The Maritime Museum is not in the Spit, and in a quiet suburb. Kardamena Village – cozy fishing village offers visitors to get acquainted with the rich history of fishing. Here are exhibits telling about the shipping and shipbuilding. Near the museum there is a small fishing little market where you can buy fresh seafood at very affordable prices, and take them to the nearest restaurant, where the evening you will spoil your dinner from the “catch.”

Folk art – the most important component of the life of every Greek. Residents of the homeland of the Olympic Games are singing at home and at work, in stores and on the street. The Greeks adore orate and dance, have fun and put on theatrical performances. Perhaps it was so hot temper explains the fact that on the small island of Kos is two whole museum of folklore.

“Spiti tis Antimahiyas”folklore museum in the village of Antimachia is the most unique architectural structure. A full traditional house in the spirit of the 20th century converted into a museum, in which you can see stunning imagination interior. Furniture, curtains, paintings, carpets – all done in the spirit of national culture of the island. Among the exhibits you will meet and household items, and even musical instruments and in the courtyard of the museum visitors waiting for a real windmill, which operates to this day.

Second Folk Museum in Kos located in the small village of mullet. Under the museum also identified traditional house, which is called “Honey.” Colorful folk art exhibition dedicated to the island. The uniqueness of the museum is that all the exhibits – from paintings to mouth organs, brought here by locals willing to share a part of an interesting culture with the world.

Knight’s castle Francesco Saens is a unique museum complex, which includes: the fortress itself, a library and several rooms where exhibitions are held. The main building is made ​​of white marble, which gives it a grace and emphasizes the spirit of the times of the 16th century. Nowadays well-preserved wall defensive fortress, with sweeping views of the port of Kos Town and the old town.

Here it is located, and the Museum of Architecture Kos .Dovolnoe modest external building holds the secrets of all the artistic and architectural styles, influenced by the construction of which is being built on the island. Ceramic and stone altars wonderful and amazing reliefs, drawings and unique projects – all this you will find in this corner of Kos.

Interesting to visit and become a place where once philosophized one of the most famous inhabitants of the island. The Museum of Hippocrates is famous primarily for its history. Therefore, walking through the Spit, should seize the opportunity to sit on the lawn, where the great teacher taught medical business. On this day at the museum hosts various international congresses and seminars of doctors from around the world.

Ancient excavations in the capital of Kos are open-air museum. Places that deserve attention, both historians and tourists, a few: the ancient Agora, the ancient Odeon, the Roman house. Well preserved and excavations of ancient gymnasium, which are valuable find for Greek culture experts.

Fascinating guided tours will help you to diversify the monotonous beach vacation, give a lot of positive emotions and enrich the knowledge base.

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