Turkey or Greece? Where to go on holiday?


You are going on holiday and thinking, which country to choose? Turkey and Greece – which is better? Many seasoned travelers would recommend to prefer Turkey, as it offers a large-scale holiday. At the same time, Greece provides a unique tours. Therefore it is important, first of all, decide what you wish for, so you know exactly what you want from a holiday.

After all, every country has its own unique features, inherent only to her. So let’s try to figure out where to relax – in Turkey or Greece.

History and sights

It is difficult to compare the two countries’ attractions, with such a complex and closely interwoven history. After all, modern Turkey – is part of ancient Byzantium, and there remained heritage of ancient culture. For example, are the ruins of ancient Troy in Turkey. But Greece could give odds to the number of monuments of ancient art, among which a special place takes the world famous Acropolis , located in Athens .

Turkey is proud of the ancient city of Ephesus and the majestic volcano Mount Nemrut, in its territory you can see the ancient ruins and castles … But for sightseeing experiences in this country go into the second part, which is not true of Greece, famous for the mysterious Parthenon  and the mountain gods of Olympus . Many tourists seek in this country, and to admire the unique monasteries of Meteora  and go on a pilgrimage to the Holy Mount Athos .

Undoubtedly, ahead of Greece and the availability of interesting and important sights – you can take a trip around the country, which is safe and convenient. And almost every 500 meters will meet with the direction of the pointers to the ancient excavations, temples, monasteries, ancient settlements and fortresses.

And if you compare only the capital of Greece and Turkey, we can safely point out that a walk through the ancient Athens is much more interesting and richer than the inspection boring and nondescript Ankara.

Beaches, Islands, Nature

The beaches are beautiful in both countries, there are sandy and pebble beaches. They are well equipped and ready to provide a variety of entertainment for tourists. In this island of Greece  is much higher on the comfort and infrastructure development, and much more attractive Turkish islands.

Beaches and Turkey, and Greece are excellent for leisure travelers with children. At the same time the climate in Greece is much softer and more suitable for the child’s body. Therefore, when choosing destinations for a family trip, the question: “Where better to relax with your child: in Turkey or Greece?” Has a definite answer: the majority of families who visited the town in both countries would prefer to travel with the children to repeat it to Greece.

Greece and Turkey boast stunning scenery and natural beauty. But if you visit with the rest Greek islands, famous for their delicious sea sunset, your heart will be conquered once and for all!


Most Russians do not like exaggerated persistence and goodwill of the Turks, as these characteristics are not peculiar to us. On this side is closer to us the mentality of the Greeks, who, incidentally, quite loyal to contemporary fashion, unlike the inhabitants of Turkey.

It is believed that Turkish food is delicious, but so say those who have never tried Greek cuisine . Taste the quality of traditional dishes of Greece are amazing and can please any palate. It is worth noting the wealth of delicious seafood dishes typical of the local cuisine. Meals prepared by chefs in Greece, can not be compared to peers, the proposed restaurants worldwide. Only here you will get to enjoy by eating the food of the gods!

The cost of holidays

If during the main criterion when choosing a place of rest to take savings, it is quite obvious that the rest will be much cheaper in Turkey. The difference in the price of travel, you can see already when buying tours. This takes into account that the cost of travel is influenced by the fact that Greece is part of the Schengen zone, and Turkey – not.

Of course, food, drinks and souvenirs in Turkey will cost a small amount of money … But if you are interested in things of fashion brands and a variety of fur products, then for them is better to go to Greece.

Comparing the hotels and services in these countries, clearly, the palm should be given to Greece, where even in low-cost hotel staff is doing everything possible to please the customer and provide their services in the most decent level. It should be noted that Turkey provides a wide selection of hotels of different directions. But likely to get into a pretty terrible conditions.

To summarize

Rest in Turkey, and in Greece has its own advantages. But if you rely on the choice of considered factors that have a direct impact on the comfort of rest, then Greece is clearly ahead of Turkey in many ways. And most importantly, the atmosphere of Greece has an indescribable magnetism, which can be felt only with the heart that leave this hospitable and benevolent country you do not want. And you’re sure to come back here again and again!

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