Greek island of Rhodes


Improbably blue sky, sunshine, red convertible rushes along the azure sea … Just like in the American movies or commercials. But all this was in fact behind the wheel and sat me. All Rhodes can travel all over in a few hours – a little more than the island of St. Petersburg.

But I did not want to rush. Vacation is just beginning. You could get it all: fabulous view of Lindos, take a walk in the park in the Valley of the Butterflies, climb to the top of Filerimos. And ride sail, dive into the lively nightlife of the town of Faliraki, and just lie on the beach. But first, of course, in Rhodes, on the very cape. Left bubbling greenish Aegean Sea. Paradise for surfers: there is always a breeze and waves.

Right – dark blue majestic and peaceful Mediterranean. Bathed alternately in the two seas, I went to see the Old Town. The city outside the city walls you can wander for hours, not one day. Do not bother. It seems that you are among the scenery for a historical film. But here now, alive. Streets paved with sea pebbles polished, so narrow that, spreading his hands, you touch the walls standing against each other houses. In these, as well as seven hundred years ago, people live. Uninhabited town in just one building – the Palace of the Grand Masters.

There were only a shadow of the Knights of ion exchangers, the founders of the Order of Malta. On the square near the National Theatre stood like a toy train. He moves with the speed of a bicycle, so rhythmically rocking in a trailer, have time to see the city. Old Port Mandraki: you can imagine how good was the Colossus of Rhodes in the rays of the setting sun! The ruins of the Acropolis, the stadium and the ancient theater. Preserved Roman villas with cozy garden. Who will live in them? By the end of the trip it was quite dark. I decided to have dinner in a small tavern by the sea. Names of Greek dishes to me nothing said. I choose the most intriguing – “garides saganaki.” As it turned out, this king prawns cooked in a sauce with goat cheese, tomatoes and aromatic herbs Rhodes. I assure you of my choice I have not regretted!

I wanted to even ask for the recipe. The owner turned out to be friendly and very talkative, however, as most of the inhabitants of the island. Half an hour later, I was familiar with his entire family, and it seemed that we’ve been friends for a hundred years. In addition to the recipe I added a bottle of dry wine and a bag of spices. But most importantly – talked so much useful and interesting about the way their hearts Rhodes, I had to change all my plans. I realized that I really should not hurry. I still do not have time to. Rhodes – island of wish fulfillment.

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