Crete. On a scooter in the valley a thousand windmills


The man who first falls on Crete , you can not detach from the sea. When you look at the waves again, the rocks, it seems that this is it – the highest point of happiness: dissolve completely in the clear, turquoise water …

But at the same time the birthplace of Zeus has many wonderful mistsynok who do not see the usual sightseeing program. I stopped in Crete luxury hotels in the Greek network Aldemar. Even great rooms and great cuisine failed to quench my thirst for new experiences. So, I go in search of the vehicle for the journey island.

Greeks solve this problem is simple: every step possible to rent a two- and four-wheel vehicles, and … long live freedom! I opted for the new shiny bike, because, firstly, it does not need a driver’s license, in- Second, it is easy to manage even quite a teapot. Before releasing “Pedestrian killer” in free flight, the instructor teaches basic rules, checks qualifications and exam made ​​here, the money paid … By the way, satisfaction is not too expensive: 15 euros per day, and pleasure – in a million !

The entire length of the island – about 300 km, but this is only for the birds. For passengers of two-wheeled transport is much more interesting, because no matter which way you go to high fishing villages or castles still petlyatymesh mountain serpentine. Goats grazing on the slopes, puzzled eyes escorted surprisingly noisy machinery, old men in villages raise the head of the chess board to wave in greeting the guest, and you are circling Cretan roads, drunk smells of mountain flowers and speed.

Stop, halt, and now I’m in a fishing boat, nets help patch fishermen who go out at night in the open sea. In the left pocket bizarre shell in memory, and I go on, to pass through its windmills glorified Lassithi plateau. This plateau surrounded by mountains and lies like a bowl. Local fertile lands give life not only oil and vine, and apple, variety of colors, luscious green meadow grasses.

Here cooler and fresher than on the coast. In bad times the inhabitants of Crete were hidden in the secret place of the assailants who came by sea. The plateau area of about 1,820 square meters. km. and wherever you are stopped – around a ring of mountains, gardens, houses and hundreds of windmills. Paradise earth. Lassithi valley is called thousands of windmills.

The air here smells of fresh bread and grasses, and as often as smells, it is saturated with delicate chimes. Then bells on the necks of sheep and goats. Local restaurants will feed you, treat wine, and traditional shops souvenirs – windmills all colors and sizes. Small windmills are standing on the tables cafe, on rooftops, in yards gate. Windmill – a symbol of Lassithi. If the coastal towns developed civilization and tourism have left their mark in the form of villas and many restaurants for tourists, the mountain villages and appearance, and lifestyle remained the same as 200 or 300 years ago.

Trim grandmother tirelessly weave stockings, proud grandparents of daggers in his belt discuss problems of the universe …Just a pity that few places in such patriarchal settlements can hear children’s laughter: young people leaving to live in coastal cities. There, after communicating with untouched nature, and I returned to the morning dive into the nightlife, migrating with the same crowd of night owls from one bar to another. Once, coming down from the mountains pidvechir, I hurry to dinner to his hotel.

Hovering clouds over the mountains, the wind blow, and in extremely iced state I slowed down a range of local small town bar where only men spend evenings playing cards. The hostess looked at me and asking nothing, poured house wine, put the hot potato snack and did everything to “save” me life. And goodbye, zasmiyavshys refused the money, saying something in Greek … Maybe ask to come back?

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