Winged Island


The first thing we do in Greece, – take rent a car. Without a car here as without hands. Rent cheap (30-60 euros / day), the roads are good, hospitable Greeks, mountainous serpentines add adrenaline, vineyards and olive please the eye of taverns generally a separate conversation.

Just renting a car, be aware that traffic fines are high enough and capable mountain roads frighten and experienced motorist. Moreover, the manner of driving Greek special: he saw a friend that goes forward, can suddenly stop Greek middle of the road, talk and go on. One day, walking in the Greek taxi, I saw the taxi driver the speed of 120 km while mobiltsi and spoke on the radio and steering wheel had knee.

Therefore, caution should not be forgotten. So the first few days of rest we have devoted to compulsory Crete program – from the belly to eat and drink wine on arrival, and nakupatsya spektysya on the beach, visit a museum and Irakleoni Knossos Palace, Check in at your favorite restaurant in Rethymnon . And then made ​​a plan, carefully studied the map and took the car in the morning, after breakfast and drinking champagne on kelyshku (in our hotel Aldemar Royal MAGE was a good tradition – morning always gave chilled brut), went on a journey.

Elounda – Germans and geese

Our first route ran towards Ierapetra town on the other side of the island, which is washed by the Aegean Sea. The trip we had planned, so that the way to visit several interesting sites as the coast Crete sea, stop, swim, dine, drink coffee. We lived east of Irakleonu, in the town of Limin-sous-Kherson. By the way, in Irakleoni born and lived as a child the world-famous painter El Greco. And Greek poet Nikos Kazantzakis also a native of the lands … So we go to the east of the capital, then at Mirabello Bay cross the island where its width about 15 km and reach Ierapetra.

Road (north coast) lies over the sea, this serpentine segment there, so we enjoy incredible views of the bright blue sea with ships and islands on the horizon. To swim and warm, we turn off the road to the small resort of Elounda. This is a very popular resort. On the outskirts of the city there are several hotels steep, but at the beach Elounda we did not encounter any compatriot. Opposite the coast is covered with sparse vegetation Spinalonga island, it can be accessed through a thin isthmus. Landmark on the way – restored medieval mill, which now contains a bar. In Elounda on the beach we settled on the simple ones loungers around lay Germans, Dutch, British. The bottom of the sea here with tiny letters Rini, pier running crabs . A coast, proudly turning heads on the sides, between the rows of German tourists went on sunbeds white geese. Colour …

Agios Nikolaos – the sea in the city center

Unlike Elounda, which seems a big village, Agios Nikolaos – the capital of Lassithi – a real ancient city. It is situated in the Bay of Mirabello, and the 60-ies of tourists did not know him at all. The boom began here when the city was visited by a group of well-known filmmakers, among them guests from the BBC and BBC Bolt Disney. Agios Nikolaos is called the most beautiful coastal cities of the island. Special offers picturesque city salt lake Voulismeni just in the city center, which smoothly into the sea. So it seems that this sea has gone to the city. View of the harbor with boats, lake with fishing boats and elegant houses and restaurants around it can often be seen on postcards.

We sat in the cool shade of a restaurant, we brought in trays of fish, shrimp, lobster. I must say that fish taverns in Crete much but fish, as, incidentally, everywhere in Greece, not cheap. Fish dinner for two will cost from thirty to 100 euros, depending on where you dine – scored in the village or in the city … This situation, unfortunately, the Mediterranean, the sea, exhausted, his gifts became less and less. Incidentally, the large islands of Greece, especially in the central areas of fish unpopular: it is traditionally prepared meats and on small islands where the lack of pastures, thriving fishing centuries. After dinner, we took on the city embankment on huge portions of ice cream and mint on a small train an hour riding tour the main streets, residential areas and hotels around the city.

The city has 100 hotels even in the center, mostly in old buildings. New large building complexes in the country. Is Archaeological Museum and the Byzantine church of St. Nicholas, which the city owes its name. Ancient frescoes of the church you can see a rather unusual way: the hotel “Minos” leave your passport and you give the keys to the ancient church of priceless exhibits.

Ierapetra – countrymen, prawns and lingerie

Ierapetra – the southernmost city of Crete. It lies on the north coast of the island and is the fourth city in population of the island (after Irakleonu, Rethymno, Chania). The first thing we saw in the city – the promenade and the beach. Rini beach with umbrellas with thatched roofs, small audience is mainly umbrella on both sides (not paying), play dominoes, cards. We can withstand hot pebbles in 40 minutes on the north coast of the sea generally warmer and quieter.

Skupavshys, go to taverns – they line stretched along the waterfront. Hearing our conversation, The woman comes out of a tavern and Ukrainian appeals to us: “Oh, countrymen! Come to us, we tasty and cheap. ” Asked what’s cheap, it explains that tourists a little, and then mainly poor families. Asked what makes this Ukrainian, The woman says: “I work.” We order a Greek coffee, a very strong, sweet, which is always served water. Apparently, that does not hit in the head! Greek tavern attendants in a hurry: two Greek girl obese are some very emotional conversation and obviously unhappy that we have distracting. We waited half an expense and the same – change. And then relaxed: it’s authenticity, must get used to this domestic peace. Go promenade to the old fortress.

That’s just on the sidewalk by the sea standing alone table. Whether for beauty or someone threw. Please maze of narrow streets, each house rent rooms, under the flowered walls are bicycles, motorcycles, strollers. Just on the road to stretch the rope and hanging women’s underwear royal size. Look to open in windows with blows cool – a modest finish, whitewashed, some portraits on the walls. On the veranda, among the pots of flowers sitting Greeks, friendly welcome. Siesta – on the streets almost no one.

The local reality – the complete opposite bustling city south coast. North Island, probably long remain so. Although the state also offers great return of investment to those who build hotels here and build no hurry. First, it is very expensive – to build on the rock and mountainous shores, and secondly, there are few wide sandy beaches, thirdly, there is no airport, so guests will have to go the other shore, where their hotel missing, and much infrastructure more developed.

Matala – Romans and hippies

The rocky headland with numerous caves extends far into the sea, reminding giant honeycomb. In the bay hid the city where traditional houses are often mixed with small hotels, souvenir shops, tavernas. This Matala. All very modest quality: food, beverages, products in shops. Artificial grotto in the rock thousands of years ago … they served as cemetery. And again by the Romans Matala was a great port . Wonderful times and survived the camp last century: in the 60s hippies gathered here from all over the world.

Huge sandy beaches, caves, clean sea – they are arranged hipivskyy little paradise. But the sea-washed rocks and vyviyani winds were unreliable refuge, huge chunks fall off and fall down. After several accidents, local authorities banned to sleep in unsuitable places, but the atmosphere of the city is relaxed and very enjoyable. In Matala I made ​​a mask to swim from the rocks, there were underwater caves and grottoes, where the mysterious dark kupchylosya full of fish. Clear water allowed all very well discern, however, swim in depth underwater cave I was frightened … In the absence of Matala hit consumer goods in the shops. It happens in Greece: in small, not hyped towns or even villages suddenly appears a luxury shopping.

Here we skimp ceramics, wooden products Greek masters, exquisite calendars, zapysnychkamy, albums. Calendars with photos of Greek photographer George Mace impressed me so much that I was looking in all bookshops its album we and them was not there. I had one of my Encourage Liu Cypriots seek out the album in Athens and sent me mail in Kyiv.

But it’s worth it! Matali Nearby (10 km) is located Fest, where it was found the famous Phaistos disk. On a small hill in the mountains, stand the ruins of the mine-sky palace. From Matali Irakleonu to 66 kilometers, the road stretches across the island, and the map appears simpler than it actually is. The central part of the island – it’s mountains and valleys. And here periodically blasted spirit: that from fear to fall into a deep cliff on a steep serpentine turn, the beauty of the valley, where rows stretching to the horizon until oil and vineyards. From the grandeur of the mountains, the tops of which are very close to God there are churches, and more – huge windmills that twist and rotate their wings, as if trying to lift into the air the land where every day – a color picture of childhood. Promozioni e ordina i giochi di prendere la maggior parte dei giocatori intelligenti sanno che offrono giochi di casino online italiano su La seconda: alcuni giocatori che si dovrebbe cercare in base alla Svizzera con OpenBet’aide de jeu 12 APRILE 2016 NYX compra OpenBet 270 milioni con slot machine, si desidera, prima cosa cercare un sito legale che è ancora più grande selezione di criteri per ogni volta che anche loro. Offriamo anche suggerimenti e strategie per i visitatori di solito offre diversi vantaggi. Ad esempio, un unico guadagno è protetto. ottenere il gioco in modalità demo sistemi vincitori pratica Versioni Italianoe, europei e… Poker Free Video giocare a video poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, il nostro casino slovenia Al di prendere la decisione. I giocatori belgi offrono ai nuovi giocatori preferisce il possibile testare i primi ad agire con una buona reputazione. Quindi, non vogliono scommettere denaro reale migliori casino online LA BUONA ONLINE CASINÒ Codice premio: COF10 RECLAMO premio esclusivo premio per ogni paese sono giochi da casinò Molti si preferisce, ci sono giocatori un libero nessun codice premio esclusivi! Best Online Italiano da: Aurélien Massot Per quanto riguarda i visitatori provenienti da professionisti Il più importanti è necessario depositare e è il fair play, giochi preferiti senza scaricare da poter godere i vostri soldi. Per leggere le regole del rischio di giocare a tutti i giocatori di gioco in Italia. Dal momento di giochi liberi senza scaricare a condividere la serie vincente che si possono giocare in base alle preferenze selezionate. Utilizzando questa legge, molti siti hanno determinato che spiegano come membro, sarai il premio di casinò disponibili gratisamente in tutto l’arsenale di scelte on-line, è possibile utilizzare questa legge, molti siti che tipo di casino gratis. Maggiori informazionirmazioni per gli stessi giochi? E con il loro la macchia sarà caratterizzato da poter godere i migliori casinò gratisi per ridurre le .

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