Rhodes and Corfu – a game of contrasts


The peculiarity of Greek culture and landscape of comparison most clearly demonstrate the westernmost point of the country – the island of Corfu , which in Italy at hand, and the mountainous island of Rhodes, located east of all Mediterranean resorts of Turkey.

This outpost of the Crusaders on their way to the Holy Land longest among all the Byzantine territories resisted Ottoman conquerors. The Knights of St. John, which originated in Jerusalem, established in Rhodes archipelago 200 years, built a few dozen castles that have survived to this day. For thick high walls of the citadel in the eponymous capital of Rhodes bustling city life (6000 inhabitants).

Electricity, water and sanitation in homes had … Italians who recaptured the island from the Turks in 1912. They beautifully restored Grand Masters Palace, home of the Knights and the church. The cause of Italian restoration enthusiasm and generosity was the capture of Benito Mussolini history knightly orders.

Residence for Duce in the mountains was built luxurious. An example of a successful combination of architecture and nature provides the town of Lindos, at the foot of the ancient Acropolis. The white Cycladic style buildings on the slopes, narrow tree-lined streets, pomerezheni springs … And in the far south of the island, Prasonisi, lifestyle from June to September determine windsurfers. Sails and parachutes at sea, tents and cars with furhonchykamy – on land. Holy places of the island is also worth mentioning.

The monastery Filerymos supports not only the tradition of piety, but also the beautiful architecture. A cold water sources in the Seven Mountains promises atonement for everyone who will be in total darkness through the hundred-meter tunnel. In Corfu tourists encounter lush subtropical flowering.

No wonder this exquisite caught apelsynchyk kumquat from China, which became the brand tasty souvenir of the island. Not only nature but also history amenable to this “golden crescent”: Corfu, thanks Venetian rule, the Turks never came. The island’s capital has a significant footprint of government, not enough unless the channels. There is also a strong tradition of musical evenings. Folklore and classics, and more recently, modernist pieces sound on the areas summer evenings.

Under British protectorate on the island passed all 19th century, is now a favorite place of English. At the disposal of tourists – a luxurious golf course, sailing to cruises, and stable – and trained trotters, ponies and obedient children. split coastline hides small bays in bungalows and villas of celebrities. After such a holiday, such as Anthony Hopkins, musicians, Pink Floyd, Abramovich decided to buy property in Corfu. But the most famous among local buyers earth – the glorious Queen Elizabeth of Austria.

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