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Historically, the main national currency of Greece considered drachma. But from January 1, 2001, she was replaced by the euro. Today in circulation in the country notes 500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 euros and 2 coins, 1 Euro and 50, 20, 10, 5, 2, 1 cent.

The exchange of foreign currency for euros in banks, hotels and exchange offices. Hotels and supermarkets Greece cards are accepted Travellers Cheques, Visa, American Express, Diner’s Club. If necessary, you can withdraw money at any ATM, most of whom, by the way, working around the clock.

Prices of transport – travel comfortably and inexpensively

The most popular mode of transport in Greece, also inexpensive and convenient, a bus . Tickets for travel to Athens one way cost 1,20 €. It is valid in all modes of transport (bus, trolleybus, train, subway, and so on. In addition to moving the line to the airport) for 70 minutes.

If you prefer to take a taxi, then consider that the minimum rate 3,20 €, and each kilometer of road costs 0,25 €. At night, the price of a trip increases by 2 times, and on major holidays rates increase. Remember that tipping taxi drivers of 10% of the total bill.

In order to manage the car and no one could depend on while traveling in Greece, you can rent a car in the presence of the international driver’s license, driving experience more than 3 years and in the age range from 25 to 70 years. Rental cars will be more profitable for private companies – from 200 to 380 euros per day if there is a credit card. If you do not, then be prepared to pay a deposit of € 120 per day, which is returned after you return the car.

To the price of renting a car and add more value-added tax (13-23%), and payment of additional insurance (which is optional) at a rate of 10-15 € per day per person. Petrol in Greece expensive, on average 1 liter of gasoline cost about 1,5 €, and 1 liter of diesel fuel will cost 1,15 €.

Talking on the phone – call home at competitive rates

International calls from the hotel rooms are quite expensive, but you can save considerably by contacting the offices of the telephone company OTE. They work from 8.00 to 14.00 Monday to Friday.

But sometimes there is a need to call home (home or work) Greek night, then it is better to use a pay phone. Cards, providing up to 100 international calls, you can buy in any store just 5 €. In a week in Greece, this limit is enough, and many fun and stretched it to two weeks of vacation.

Accommodation prices – rest without unnecessary spending

The cost of a comfortable stay in Greece varies greatly depending on the season. The average hotel room with two stars will cost you 30-60 € per day, with 3 or 4 stars – from 60 to 120 euros, and 5 Briefly hotel offers no less than 100 € per day. For 250-300 euros you can rent a comfortable apartment for a month.

Prices for food – we eat delicious at the best price

The cost of food in the hotel are around 15-20 € per day. It is possible to significantly diversify your diet, stopping for lunch or dinner in cafes and restaurants. Menu prices, in general, optimum, and the portion – large. And if you do not order a special, expensive dishes, the delicious lunch or dinner (without alcohol) will cost, on average, 15-25 €.

Judge for yourself, here is a list of prices of the most ordered Greek dishes and drinks popular among tourists:

  • Salads – 4-8 €
  • Main courses – 8-15 €
  • Vegetable stew – 5-8 €
  • Moussaka – 4-7 €
  • Pasticio – 6-8 €
  • Dzadziki – 3-5 €
  • Carp on grill – 7-11 €
  • Salted Tuna – 5-7 €
  • Mussels on the grill – 6-8 €
  • Coffee – 2-3 €
  • Beer – 3-5 €
  • Wine – from 3 €
  • Vodka – from 10 €

Customary to leave a tip of up to 10% of the total bill.

And the fruits of profitable and more convenient to go to the supermarket:

  • Melons, oranges and bananas – 1 € per 1 kg
  • Peaches and apples – 1-1,5 € 1 per kilogram

Prices for entertainment and excursions – to spend holidays interesting and accessible

The average ticket in the Greek museums worth 6-10 €. But you can save. Every Sunday visitors can visit museums free of charge. Tourists, students at entrance 50% discount. And for artists, archaeologists, architects and university professors the entrance is free any day. On the territory of historical monuments and museums, you can take pictures and shoot video, only pre-paying the full cost of the extra ticket.

Prices for entertainment will depend on the popularity of the resort and the season for which you have purchased a ticket. Normally, the cost of diving at a shallow depth of 40 €, and cruise around Mount Athos , or an excursion to Meteora – about 45 €.

The prices for shopping in Greece – choose periods of sales

No trip to the delightful Greece is complete without the purchase of souvenirs and memorabilia. Especially popular are antique statues and vases, pottery and lace, Greek wines and olive oil , spices and thyme honey, natural cosmetics and soaps, made ​​by hand. Normally, for souvenirs, tourists spend no more than 40-50 €.

Many travelers have found that the prices of national and branded clothes and shoes, jewelry and leather goods in Greece is much lower than in any other European country. But, most of all, the main purpose of shopping is to purchase a variety of fur products . On average, the purchase of fur coats in Greece costs about 1500-3000 €.

Ideally, if you are planning an extensive shopping tour, you need to go to Greece during sales: summer – in August and September, and winter – in February and March. It is the grace period for purchases, and do not forget that Download free mobile app from Grekomaniya portal , along with a full guide you get – a discount card valid in numerous shops, restaurants, bars and other establishments of all kinds – regardless of season sales !

It should also be noted that in Greece operates value-added tax, its size ranges from 13-23%. VAT refund (VAT) is carried out, if the purchase amount purchased in stores with the inscription tax-free , is more than 175 €. These stores give shoppers a special receipt, which is required for the customs clearance of VAT refund.

Prices in Greece – summarize

So, your goal – the most intensely relaxing with his second half for 2 weeks in Greece, stay at a five star hotel and each day dinner in the restaurant, as well as rent a car for 3 days for independent travel and bring home a lovely coat … Then you We need to take about 3-4 thousand euros.

And if you are planning a very modest financially trip to Greece, and also together for 2 weeks, then you may need about 1-1.5 thousand euros. At the same time you will spend holidays in a comfortable atmosphere and will visit interesting places of historical significance, and will be able to fully enjoy the excellent cuisine.

Be sure to keep in mind going on a trip to Greece that tourists should bring at least € 50 per person and a minimum of 500 € for the entire vacation spent in the sunny country. Even if you have plans to just relaxing beach holiday alone for 3-5 days.

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