Corfu. Here live Darrell


From the airplane it looks like Italy, just turn the other way. He is closer to Albania (only 10 kilometers) than to Greece. It is also called the “golden crescent”, although he was never conquered country crescent – Turkey. In July and August, when Crete or Rhodes grass burns from the scorching southern sun, Corfu remains green and juicy like fresh apple.

Rocky mountains covered with pine forests, orange groves and cypress groves, heady coniferous fir-orange-olive flavor combined with the warm sea air, forming a cocktail of health which miraculously trims respiratory system homo urbanicus – man of stone ‘ wooden jungle. Celebrity different times and peoples have long chosen Corfu (Greek name of the island) and leisure, and for long life. With quite ancient – Cicero is polished his oratory, and the emperor Nero (the one that Rome burned) shocked viewers playing on the stage (say, the actor was useless, but who would have told him about it).

In the fourteenth century. Here again walked Emperor Napoleon and writer Oscar Wilde, in the twentieth – actor Anthony Hopkins (“Silence of the Lambs”), the group “Pink Floyd” to all staff. And the governor of Chukotka and owner of “Chelsea” Abramovich Corfu so liked that he bought property here even. And the most famous resident of Corfu was and remains Gerald Durrell. His childhood in Corfu he described in a best-selling book “My Family and Other Animals”, which, incidentally, considerably increased among travelers worldwide interest in Corfu – then a little-known island.

The island has a lot of expensive luxury hotels – GRECOTEL CORFU IMPERIAL 5 * DE LUXE, GRECOTEL EVA PALACE 5 *, MARBELLA CORFU 5 *, where a 10-day vacation will cost 2 thousand. Euro. There are democratic options – MESSONGHI BEACH 3 * or CORFU HOLIDAY PALACE 4 *, in which the 10 days (from breakfast and dinner) will cost from 950 euros.

However, on the island of a large number of villas and apartments, so you can settle on one of them and Darrell feel. And not only live on the property of Corfu. Car hire (or scooter or motorcycle) and drive on the island. Corfu quite small – a length of 62 km and width – 28 km, so it can bypass even the day, although satisfaction of such stretch nadovshe avtomandrivky better.

And the window – oil, oil, oil and again … It seems that Corfu sink in olive oil, which is produced by hundreds of tons. It is not the same as in stores. Fragrant, almost sweet, though take and drink. In numerous taverns – a simple peasant food: salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and onions, fresh-baked bread (it is well to dip oliyku), again fresh goat cheese, homemade wine. 8.10 euros – and you are full. Where there olinklyuzyvam different! The capital of the island of Corfu is a must to visit. It preserved the authentic Italian architecture (Corfu was a Venetian Republic from 1386): island miraculously survived the terrible earthquake in 1953 without significant losses. With school history know that every city had its medieval fortress.

In Corfu them even two: old Marine (built by the Venetians) and New or Coast. Its built against the Turks. Incidentally, the last and failed to seize Corfu and the locals are very proud of this fact. “We are the real Greece!” – Often heard from korfuanskyh guides. Nearby is the palace on a rock Ahilleon built Empress Elizabeth of Austria. Tireless princely person even personally performed significant work on the decoration of interiors. In the palace park on the terraces – marble statues of muses and two enormous statues of Achilles.

About Elizabeth also not forgotten: her twin marble adorns the main entrance. If architectural masterpieces will annoy, take a course on Paliokastrytsyu to male monastery Zooduhu Pihis (“life-giving source”), the wisdom of the citadel, built in the thirteenth century. Here, at rest and chill, well thought of eternal … However, fantastic views of the coastline and numerous flagrant nyavchannya kotyar smooth return to reality. This – Corfu! texas holdem rules

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