Famous Greeks in the world of modern technology

Famous Greeks

Greece – the country is small, but very well-known for its outstanding scientists and researchers. Moreover, not only in ancient times, but in modern times, and not only in Greece but also abroad. Many Greeks studied in other countries, in the most prestigious European and American universities.

 After graduation, some remained to work or teach in the countries where I studied and eventually, both they and their descendants who have achieved outstanding results in their specialties.

Greek newspaper “Imerys” will help us get acquainted with some outstanding representatives of the Greek scientific diaspora. Only today we can truly appreciate the many ingenious Greeks , who made ​​a name for himself in the technical disciplines.

The most famous Greek scholar in the field of modern technology is Michalis Dertuzowho first predicted the coming digital revolution. In the mid-60s, he spoke about the need to have a computer in every home. As a teacher of the famous University of Massachusetts back in 1964 (at the age of 33 years!) Initiated an innovative research that led eventually to the “information explosion.” Tim Berners Lee, considered the father of the World Wide Web, once said that without Dertuzo probably would not be the Internet . In his book «What will be» Michalis Dertuzo described the future of bits and bytes, which he foresaw and which for us is already present – the information society, in which coexist economics, politics and culture. He loved his homeland, Greece , and very much in her faith, believed that some of the natural features of the Greek nature – fantasy, spontaneity, some madness in connection with philosophy, logic, and art – are a good basis for making a powerful software production.

Other information technology guru, Nicholas Negroponde teaches in Massachusetts since 1966 with more young age – 23 years! He is a partner of many world famous technology companies, as well as advising several governments even. In 1985 he founded the Media Laboratory. The main profile is his laboratory research in the application of revolutionary digital applications, such as MP3 audio format, as well as the creation of quantum computers and processor development of cybernetic organisms.In the digital world leaders Nicholas brought a unique blend of technology and anthropologist, researcher and activist. A typical example of his philosophy is the idea of a computer for $ 100, has received widespread in the world. Many of his works Nicholas Negroponde spent on the island of Patmos, where some 30 years had his home. Not surprisingly, the Patmos became the first place in Greece, where it first appeared wired internet, and later in 2001, and wireless (Wi-Fi).

Constant contender for the Nobel Prize in physics, teacher and academician Dimitris Nanopoulos , tries to explore the mysteries of the universe and the theory of eternity, but does not forget about modern Greece. After he failed to lead the department in the University. Kapodistrias, they have attempted to reform education in Greece . Or rather to raise the level of education of the modern world-class, the introduction of new disciplines, especially those which Dimitris Nanopoulos personally involved – high energy physics, cosmology, nanotechnology, quantum computing. Recently, he was elected chairman of the “Council of Wise Men”, the governing body of the National Council for Research and Technology. At the same time his candidacy represented Greece as Managing laboratory «Cern», which actually was born the Internet.

Also works in the field of nanotechnology and other Greek Fedon Avuris . He is the head of the corporation ΙΒΜ nanotechnology research center in New York. His research – creating nanotransistors that size is 500 times less than the currently existing and which will be used in information technology and medicine.

Greek and, moreover, a native of Constantinople 45-year-old researcher and creator of a new type of device Blackberry , marked the beginning of a generation of smartphones.The original concept, which allows one device to connect voice, data, Internet and e-mail, has cemented its name Michalis Lazaridis . Born in Greece, but grew up in Canada, he was aged 23, began to put pressure on General Motors Corporation for funding their ideas. To date, the Canadian company RIM is one of the leaders of the North American market technological products.

Despite the fact that many Athenians met almost every day in their daily lives software products «Topos communications», name Grigoris Lambrou is not particularly well known to the general public. But his company developed motion control systems used transport streams from Athens tram depot International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”.Other products «Topos communications» – e topography and satellite navigation system. Grigoris Lambrou, yadershik physicist by training, began his career in the Silicon Valley, where worked for 35 years at companies such as “Ai-Bi-M”, “Hewlett-Packard”, “Intel”.

In place of the older generation and the new generation is growing up. The idea of an affordable laptop for $ 100, also brought to life the Greek – Michalis Bletsas , which is considered to be its creator. Also, he owns the motto “Computer for every child.”

Alexandros Mukasey Christ Kaskavelis, company executives software development «Velti», has not yet had time to loudly declare itself on the IT market. But the fact that founded a few years ago in the northern Athens, the company has already started on the London Stock Exchange, speaks volumes.

In the global environment, scientific and technical developments can already be found sufficiently Greek researchers at the age of about 30 years. Thus, the tradition continues!

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