Greece, for the tourist review


Go to Greece just for the fact that at a furious pace to see the sights or, conversely, lazily lying on the beach – a crime. In this country, it is necessary to enjoy: food and wine, the sea and the midday heat, socializing with locals and nature, antiquities and silence, discos and fun. All at once – different here still will not work.

Solar Greece is closer than it may seem when you look at a map. In fact, if we ignore for a while from the unmistakable precision boring-correct latitude and longitude, it turns out that in terms of the mentality of our country – the most that neither is the next-door neighbors, and the Greek , except for the Orthodox faith, brings together a lot in common.

It is not surprising that Greece has in our own country (and considerable) standing army of fans. First of all, it’s travelers who want to fully partake of all the charms of a beach holiday “in a Mediterranean style” and enjoy the impressive historical ekskursionki while being among like-minded people, their feeling of their own.

Greece is waiting for winter guests comfortable cool weather, the lack of summer “busting” tourists, a lot of attractions and well-developed tourist infrastructure. In addition, the winter not going away, “fur-tours”, the beautiful nature and the opportunity to spend a wonderful vacation at one of the most beautiful islands of the country, Rhodes. Decreased significantly during the low season prices in spa hotels nicely complement the picture, in addition it can be winter hits the books, without being distracted by treacherously brilliant sea under the sun.


Coaches KTEL, reliable and inexpensive, not only go on the mainland, but also carry passengers to nearby islands: the cost of the ferry in such cases is included in the ticket price. Long distances is also convenient cover for flights of national carriers Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines. In addition, among the many Greek islands ferries warp set, rely on them is only in the warm season: in winter frequent flight cancellations due to weather conditions.

Taxis in Greece a lot while they are inexpensive. Payment on the counter, the value of planting – 1 EUR, 1 km – 0,34 EUR. From midnight to 5:00 double tariff. In Athens, the Greek mainland and these rates are observed clearly, but on the islands is better to negotiate the price in advance. Read more about the features of public transport you can see the article “Transport in Greece.”

Philanthropic Greek taxi drivers continue to monitor new customers, even if the passengers on board. And if the “newcomer” will be with them along the way, and the driver will pick him.

Car rental

For rent required international driving license, age not less than 25 nor more than 70 years driving experience of three years. On average, car rental economy class will cost from 40 EUR per day. Having a credit card required everywhere except Greek island. In private rental offices requirements are somewhat simpler.

Take car rentals in Athens is not: disorderly movement, local drivers often ignore the rules and speeding, and park your car in the center of almost unreal. Read more about security in the Greek roads – in the article “Road safety in Greece.”

In a rolling office you need to carefully read the terms of an insurance policy: it should cover damage to a third party, apply to car theft and have no deductible.

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