Travel in Greece: Tips

Travel in Greece

Try Greek wine and a gift to friends vezite author’s ceramics.

How many days to go? optimal duration of the tour on Santorini – 4-5 days in Mykonos or Paros – 7-8 days. Still, the island – this is a limited space where you will not clear with excursions, as on the mainland. You can certainly motnutsya a day or two to some neighboring islet. But be sure to pre-book accommodation, or risk being left without a roof over his head.

WHAT THINGS TAKE? On Santorini, Mykonos, and especially strong winds blow constantly: they help day easier to bear the heat, but in the evenings because they can be cool. Therefore, going here, even in summer, taking the jackets and closed shoes. And do not take short dress from flying fabric. Not taking into account the peculiarities of the climate on Mykonos and wearing dress made ​​of silk, I keep catching it, and then remembering the famous image of Marilyn Monroe . And here’s your stuff on Paros “fly” shall not: here winds almost never happens.

What to try? If alcoholic characters throughout Greece – is cognac “Metaxa” and wine with the taste of resin “ricin”, the calling card of Santorini – wine “Vinsanto”. For its production harvested grapes dried for 2 more weeks in the sun, so the wine without a gram of sugar is very sweet but not cloying aftertaste leaves and dry wine. If we talk about daily bread, then on the islands – traditional Greek cuisine. Her top dishes – it moussaka (a casserole of potatoes, eggplant and minced meat with cheese crust on top), saganaki (fried in batter feta) and Greek salad (one serving take on three – enough with the head). By the way, choosing the tavern, look, sits where most locals.

What to bring? Perhaps so many beautiful ceramics of the author, as in the Cyclades islands, I have not seen anywhere else. In the souvenir shops wanted to buy everything: plates, candlesticks – everything looked not as consumer goods, as well as exclusive things. Santorini has stood out against the background of the other islands are very beautiful cotton clothing (50 euros per shirt). And do not pass by the Greek sandals made ​​of leather, they cost only 25 euros and very comfortable.


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