Holidays in Crete, Heraklion


Holidays in Crete will give an unforgettable pleasure for all categories of tourists. The region is famous for its ancient history, shrouded in riddles, myths and legends. Buying a tour of Crete, you can see for yourself that this is truly a paradise on earth.

Resort guests will appreciate the beautiful sandy beaches, comfortable hotels and tourist infrastructure, Mediterranean cuisine, local flavor, and a long tradition. Crete is known for its natural wealth: the forest of cypresses, oaks and chestnut trees, lush date palm groves, majestic pine forest. The rocky slopes covered with flowering herbs and shrubs.

The main regions holidays in Crete – Heraklion, Chania, Rethymno, Lasithi. Activities on the island of Crete – is a great choice for travelers with children, young people, older people, honeymooners, etc.

Activities in Heraklion

The capital of Crete – Heraklion city, got its name after the Greek hero Hercules, famous for its exploits, one of which he made in Crete. Special offers in Heraklion long been attracted to this area a lot of travelers from all over the world. Road to Heraklion is acquainted with the rich history of the region and the opportunity to spend holidays in a comfortable environment. The rapidly developing tourist infrastructure attracts tourists the opportunity to visit the cozy street with lots of souvenir shops, numerous boutiques, restaurants and cafes with the flavors of the local cuisine.

Heraklion is famous not only for its historical heritage, but also the beautiful nature is preserved for a long time. Tourists can visit the world famous labyrinth of the Minotaur in the Knossos archaeological site and Minoan city. The fertile slopes, towering over the sea, olive groves, vineyards, beaches and bays – all this wealth you can enjoy choosing vacation in Heraklion.


In Crete, a temperate climate. In summer, there is little rain. In autumn the temperature is usually higher than in the spring. Winter on the island is mild. Snow can be found in the mountains, the plains, he almost never falls.

The ideal months to rest – April, May, June, September and October. The swimming season starts here in April.

Summer on the island is hot, the temperature rises in May to a level + 25 + 29 ° C, in June + 29 to + 31 ° C, in July – August + 32 + 36 ° C, in September – October + 28- + 30 ° C. The climate of this region is perfect for a beach holiday and most excursions.

In the city of Heraklion sredezemnomorsky climate. Summer dominated dry and hot weather, so the beach season here starts in May and ends in October. The air temperature in the summer is + 23 ° C in May and October, and in July and August rises to + 38 ° C. Season diving opens from mid-May, kogda sea water reaches 20 ° C. Winter is relatively warm, the average temperature does not fall below + 16 ° C. This period is the best suited to become familiar with the rich history of this legendary place.

Crete Resorts


The western part of the island Chania, is characterized by mountains of Lefka Ori (White Mountains), clean sandy beaches with easy entry into the water and the famous national park, spread over most of the territory.


Between the mountains of Lefka Ori and Psilorii (Go) is the region of Rethymno, where the rugged mountains are striking for its beauty and where the ancient monasteries, legendary caves and beautiful beaches.


This area is the largest and most populous of all the regions of the island. Here are carried out major excavations. A charming valleys with lush olive groves and vineyards, sandy beaches, picturesque villages, like a magnet attracts travelers from all over the world.


In the east of Crete is the Lassithi region, the place where the respectable luxury hotels.In addition, there are numerous historical monuments, Byzantine churches, mountain villages, gently sloping beach.

Attractions Heraklion

Tourists rest in Heraklion are numerous excursions to cultural and historical attractions.The first is to see the famous Palace of Knossos. In the city you can visit the Historical Museum, explore defenses and Fountain Bembo, visit the ruins of Phaistos.

Hersonissos is famous for the remains of houses, ancient basilica and fish tanks, and in Kokkini Hani is a water park Water City and Crete Aquarium. In Agia Pelagia worth seeing church of the same name, and learn about the life of the famous painter El Greco. And in Gouves, Malia, Amudyry are modern malls, parks and promenades.

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