Holidays in Greece


Greece – the cradle of ancient civilization. Today holiday in Greece is extremely popular with tourists from around the world. The exciting story of fantasy, a fertile nature and culture of this area constantly attracted to lovers of antiquities and those who wish to rest comfortably on the shores of the azure sea. Numerous resorts in Greece are located in different parts of the country, so everyone can choose the program of rest, which he will be most interesting.

It is necessary to talk about Greece as come immediately to mind-powerful Olympian gods, led by Zeus the Thunderer. However, modern Greece is increasingly associated with the azure sea, warm sun, white houses, aromatic coffee and a variety of entertainment. All of this is conducive to a wonderful holiday. The short flight will take you to a fantastic atmosphere, here you can not just a few days to soak up the beach, but also to meet an enormous cultural and historical heritage of this country.

Greece is at the crossroads of East and West. Its closest neighbors are Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania. Greece is washed by the Libyan, the Cretan, the Ionian and the Aegean Sea and the coastline is 13 500 km.


The history of Greece is filled with legends and myths. Greece is considered the cradle of Western culture. The fate of this country for many centuries determined by other states. In 1974, after an unsuccessful attempt to capture Cyprus, the country’s democracy was established. In 1981, Greece was accepted into the European community, and in 2001 became a member of the European Union.


The Greeks have done everything possible to ensure that their country has become a paradise for tourists. Thousands of travelers annually visit the Acropolis and the palace of King Minos of Crete. But in this land of bright sun can be seen not only white beaches and ancient ruins, there are many small fishing villages with its special atmosphere.Residents of these villages and refuse to change the usual measured way of life, despite the industrial progress.

Tours to Greece from Kiev will help you become better acquainted with the history and culture of this country. The price of the tours available for every tourist. You can take a bus to travel the country and see the most famous sights of Greece, namely Athens, Meteora Monasteries in the north, Delphi, Cape Sunis, Olympia, Mystra, Epidaurus, Mycenae Peloponnese with. And also you can visit the Cyclades islands – Santorini and Delos, Crete, Corfu and Patmos. There is another unique attraction of Greece, but here do not let women and children – is Mount Athos, her Orthodox monks live.


Greece has a Mediterranean mild climate. The average temperature in January never drops below + 4 ° C, the average summer temperature – 30 ° C. Greece is considered the most southern and sunny country in Europe, where 300 days of sunshine per year.The swimming season begins in May and lasts until the end of October, and if the year is hot, then by mid-November.

But do not forget that Greece is a mountainous country with beautiful ski resorts. In winter, the mountains are covered with snow, and the temperature falls below 0 ° C.

In addition, the Greek winter, there is one distinct advantage: sometimes in January for a couple of weeks the temperature rises up to + 20 ° C, and in the air the smell of spring.This time is called “alkeonidovy days.”

Holidays in Greece

Bus tours to Greece have great popularity among tourists because they give an opportunity to get one of the many resorts. They are so diverse that every traveler will be able to choose for themselves the most comfortable place to relax.

Crete – the largest island and the largest urban area of ​​Greece. It is washed by the waters of the Ionian, Mediterranean and Aegean seas. The main resorts are located in the eastern and northern part of the island, the beaches are closed from southerly winds by mountains.

Halkidiki – a peninsula in the Aegean Sea, which by its shape resembles a trident, his three “fingers” – Athos, Sithonia, Kassandra. Mountain ranges perfectly protect the peninsula from the wind, so the sea water is always warm and calm.

Rhodes – the largest of the Dodecanese islands, it is known to the whole world defunct statue of the Colossus of Rhodes – is one of the seven wonders of the world, as well as the valley of exotic butterflies. Road to Greece on the island will give fans the opportunity to jump on the waves windsurfing, as on the west coast of the island more than waves and winds.

Kelarev and Fterolaka – is the best ski resort on the slopes of Mount Parnassos. Tourists are offered 13 modern ski lifts and 18 runs the length of 22 kilometers, while the price of recreation is acceptable.

Ski resorts Agrafa and Vasilitsa located on the slopes of the Pindos mountain range.Vasilitsa Resort will please its guests picturesque landscapes, and near ski center has Agrafa club for mountaineers.


Hotels in Greece are open to travelers all year round. The cost of living may be different, but every hotel offers European service.

Going to Greece in the summer, you can bask in the sun on the beach, swim and sunbathe. Here you can ride on a yacht and diving. Many restaurants and cafes will give you the opportunity to enjoy a delicious coffee or tasty and cheap snack.

In winter, you can go to the ski resorts and a ride on a snowboard or skis from the slopes.


Diving in Greece a fantastic and magnificent underwater world, crystal clear water allows you to see every detail. Shipwrecks and underwater caves attract thousands of divers from around the world. Here you can see unusual and rare species of fish, reefs and rocks shelter octopus and more.

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