Holidays on the Corfu


Corfu Island – one of the most beautiful islands of Greece. Lapped by the Ionian and Adriatic Seas, Corfu is famous for its exotic beaches with emerald-turquoise water, beautiful orange, lemon and olive groves, cypress forests and heady romantic atmosphere.

The Greek island of Corfu in the Ionian Sea is located in the north-west of the Greek mainland. The northern part of the Adriatic Sea. It is the second largest island of the Ionian Sea with a coastline of 217 km in length. The island has an elongated shape. In the northern part of the terrain is mainly mountainous, in the center of the hilly and the plain in the south. The island’s capital – the city of Corfu – is in the center, opposite the coast of Albania.

The name of the island of Corfu is popular mainly among foreign tourists, but locals call him old times Kerkyra. The island has a rich and unique history, which is reflected in its architecture, ancient monuments and legends. There are also well-developed infrastructure, there is an airport and seaports, and hotels provide excellent service.

The airport is a few kilometers from the island’s capital, Corfu Town. Corfu excellent transport links between cities and resort village, it is possible to rent a car.

Tours to the island of Corfu will give visitors of all ages the opportunity to spend an amazing summer vacation in paradise with beautiful beaches, magnificent nature and ancient history.


Corfu from other Greek islands distinguishes its unique history. This is the only part of Greece, which has never owned Muslims. About 400 years he was part of the Venetian Republic, which jealously protected it from Turkish siege. Because of this, the Italian language, in particular, its Venetic dialect can be heard on local streets before the middle of the last century.

Today, many Greek words are replaced by the island Venetic, which gives a certain charm of Corfu and features local residents from the rest of the Greeks. The island has plenty of places that keep the ancient history of ancient times. The most beautiful of them is considered to be Paleokastritsa which Homer in his creations called the place of permanent holiday. It is a picturesque promontory with lush vegetation, steep cliffs and cozy coves. Tourists are attracted by the emerald beaches with cool water and silver sand, snow-white yacht berths, breathtaking panorama view from the observation deck height of Bella Vista, and the old monastery, had taken refuge in the green not far from the village.

Hallmark of Corfu is the Temple of Poseidon, one of the three major gods in Greek mythology. Plates, preserving the ancient engraving, and 16 columns of the building is particularly great in the rays of sunset. Europeans love the island also reflected in the architectural buildings. Achillion Palace, built in the late 19th century to Elizabeth of Bavaria, also known as Sissi, surrounded by neo-antique columns, statues and beautiful gardens.

Kaiser Bridge, built by her compatriot, Kaiser Wilhelm II, and ironically was destroyed by the German military during World War II, was a monumental construction, and now is represented in the form of the ruins of the former luxury empire. The reign of the Venetian Republic left no mark on the architecture of the island as a whole, as well as historical monuments such as the fortress of Paleo and Neo Furio Furio, Spanyada area, located in front of them, and many others. In addition, it is worth visiting the mountainPantokrator, the Temple of Artemis, the ancient city Paleopolis and the royal palace, which served as the residence of British governors and the king of Greece.Unfortunately, many ancient buildings and architectural monuments of the time of possession of the island of Britain and Venice, were destroyed during the Second World War. Many of them can not be reversed.


The tourist season on the island of Corfu opened in May and ends in October. On summer days, the weather is always sunny and windless normally. The average daily temperature in summer is + 29 to + 31 ° C, the water temperature is + 25 ° C, the end of September is reduced to + 21 ° C. Winters are mild and humid, rainy weather is usually between the end of October to March.


Beaches Corfu varied. They are sandy and pebble beaches, with access to the Adriatic Sea or the Ionian, crowded and quiet. Resorts Corfu are ideal for families with children, as the entrance to the water is generally shallow and the sea is shallow and warm. Most beaches are well equipped and offer a variety of entertainment for adults and children.


The first thing to do is relaxing on the island of Corfu, is to explore its culinary traditions.Kitchen korfiotov especially famous for succulent lamb on a spit, seafood own cheeses, all kinds of sweets from fruits, honey, almonds, and especially their jam, which they made from quince, grapes and figs. Local restaurants and taverns to conquer a variety of gourmet light fish and hearty meat dishes, generously seasoned with spices, fresh herbs, and warm hospitality. Among the most popular drinks are coffee, wine, and liquor own production of kumquat, orange or Japanese, which can be drunk alone or added to desserts. All ingredients of dishes and drinks are available in the local markets at affordable prices.

Korfioty highly respected sport. On the island annually, local and international tournaments and competitions. Tourists are offered tennis courts, golf courses, scuba diving, water skiing, sailing, paragliding, football and volleyball fields, a bowling alley and more.

Another great way to pass the time – traveling around the island. To do this, you can book a tour, rent a car, bicycle or motorbike, or go on a boat trip on the boat. The island is rich in marine grottoes, capes and sharp silent bays, viewing that is easy to forget about seasickness.

Ticket to Corfu will present an excellent opportunity to visit the paradise land, enjoy the sun and the beautiful sea, stroll through the fragrant orchards and experience the unique atmosphere of Greece.

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