Kalymnos – Island divers for sponges


In Greece since antiquity diving for sponges. On the use of sponges wrote Aristotle , as well as mentioned Homer in the “Iliad” and the “Odyssey.” During the last centuries the Greek sponge fishing was centered around the Dodecanese islands with indisputable center on Kalymnos – Island divers for sponges. 

Sponges – are not plants and marine animals, to be exact – multicellular attached to the ocean floor. Their surface has thousands of pores that are constantly absorb huge amounts of water, removing bacteria from it for their livelihood. Therefore, they are valuable as biological filters seawater. There are many different types of sponges, but generally only five of them are of commercial importance. No artificial materials created by man can not be compared with them to use for cosmetic, bath, household, painting and decorative purposes.

Just pulled out of the sea sponge – black and totally unattractive in appearance. Once the jaws are in the boat, they begin to press with force legs for removing liquid from the pores and channels of tissues. They were then washed and immersed in the sea for two hours, then crushed and washed again and finally beat off palm branches to remove any foreign bodies. Overnight sponge dipped in the sea in the grid and then the process is repeated until the complete destruction of the outer membranes and tissues until only skeletal fibers. Then cut the sponge at the bottom and left to dry on the deck or hung on the mast of the boat. Dried compressed sponge, put in bags and sent traders. In the workshop merchant sponge trimmed to the desired size and treated by dipping in water and hydrochloric acid to make them golden, and potassium permanganate, if preferred very light color. As a result of this process a sponge, which is ready for use – clean and fresh, bright, soft and pleasant to the touch.

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