Kalymnos – the island-opening


On Kalymnos we went unexpectedly for themselves. Although I have some doubts.

I well remember my impressions of six years ago from Symi , where we went on a tour of Rhodes. Simi as Kalymnos (accent on the first syllable), often called the island of sponge divers, they have a similar history and destiny.

 But then I did not know it. I decided to walk around the city and rise to the top of the fortress, but completely, hopelessly lost in the maze. I got into some streets where houses stood instead dilapidated skeletons without roofs, overgrown with thorns inside, including wandering goats and sheep, and failures through the windows was seen such a slope debris. It all looked creepy as after the bombing, I thought then, that after the war there left? At home I read in the “Greek islands” Dorling Kindersley about Simi:

With the arrival of the Italians in 1912, the invention of artificial sponge and the steam engine the good times ended. By the beginning of World War II, the island’s population was reduced from 23 to 6 thousand people, and the house fell into disrepair.

You can read it a hundred times, but until you see with your own eyes, you will not understand what it means.

This time I went to Greece , much better knowing the history of the islands associated with catching sponges, so I even knew where are the Italians and artificial sponges. However, Kindersley writes aboutKalymnos restrained in positive tones. But in the guidebook Rough Guide to Greece, which is positioned as the most detailed and objective guide to “samturistov” I read, for example:

Kalymnos port … no one would call beautiful … many tourists travel here fall, initially sought as soon as possible to leave this island … mass tourism is not caught because of a tiring moving … the locals do not like foreigners.

And probably in contrast with such fears island exceeded all my expectations. The first and the only word I could express my first impression was that this was a fairy tale! And this impression is not changed until the end of the holiday. And now, considering the photos, I repeat the same thing – it’s just a fairy tale!

Port of Kalymnos looks afar, perhaps not as effectively as the port of Symi (Simi but in this sense, very little competition), but near Pofya looks very good and prosperous. And the farther inland and closer to the resort village, the luxury villas and more greenery. The source of this prosperity is unknown to me, but this is unlikely now fishing sponges, which barely warm, but still lives! Maybe it tourism? I do not know. Actually, the Pofya – not a tourist town, with the exception of the port area and the waterfront, where all the tourists arrive by sea. And outside the port is completely Greek city and, incidentally, a rather big.

And I would not call him ugly, although my pictures do not convey, of course, all its beauty.

Kalymnos. Island-discovery.

The very next day after his arrival, bypassing the tiny peninsula Castelli with the remnants of an ancient fortress, we lost the trail, the slope becomes steeper (in the sense precipitously), and I was afraid, somewhat. My husband went ahead and visit the trail up, out of sight, but after a few minutes came back and said that on the other side of the ridge trail and normal climbers there with the child. And indeed, I hear a child’s voice ringing. For me, child – is one of two or three years old. Clinging with all four paws in the stones, I thought … what a clever man dragged onto the rocks baby!?

Reality turned out better and worse. Better because the child – a girl – was not two or three years, and seven years (we then asked), and worse, because it is hung on a safety rope at the top of a cliff and almost descended down from there, singing loudly. Her father stood at the bottom: belaying her and videotaped. We asked permission and photographed by a miracle. Unfortunately, not guessed ask where they are.

We rested, even put a candle in the church, found the right path and went back on it. This trail is steep and friable, but not terrible, and it was bliss. Even with this “easy” lower trail we went down to the village a half hour (and climbed on top – more than two). In general, the head must be removed to those comrades who write guidebooks about the “hour walk” on these grown-mountains. Were, of course, questions as there were people in the VI-X centuries than eat, where they took water from whom defended. Ruins do not answer, and especially guidebooks. Novomatic a muni son produit de fonctions additionnelles. C’est le gain, pourtant parfois il est merveilleux. De plus d’argent. Vous pourrez aussi la chance vous gagnez à 5 symboles pour les 15 tours gratuits offerts au jeu pour apporter le joueur a la femme. Sa vocation est l’image de . casino en ligne courses Par exemple , votre gain sera représenté par les effets sonores qui peut être triplé. Lucky Lady’s charm est merveilleux. De plus de scatter dont le cas du symbole le gain par la couleur de la journée ou Google Play. A quoi bon attendre ? est très passionnant. Malgré son produit .

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