Kalymnos – the island-opening


On Kalymnos we went unexpectedly for themselves. Although I have some doubts.

I well remember my impressions of six years ago from Symi , where we went on a tour of Rhodes. Simi as Kalymnos (accent on the first syllable), often called the island of sponge divers, they have a similar history and destiny.

Travel in Greece: Tips

Travel in Greece

Try Greek wine and a gift to friends vezite author’s ceramics.

How many days to go? optimal duration of the tour on Santorini – 4-5 days in Mykonos or Paros – 7-8 days. Still, the island – this is a limited space where you will not clear with excursions, as on the mainland. You can certainly motnutsya a day or two to some neighboring islet. But be sure to pre-book accommodation, or risk being left without a roof over his head.