Honeymoons and magical wedding in Greece


And that happened a long-awaited event – you are married, put on the ring finger ring and can rightfully call themselves spouses! And ahead – a romantic honeymoon and bright that you want to spend, so that he is remembered for a lifetime!

Greek island of Rhodes


Improbably blue sky, sunshine, red convertible rushes along the azure sea … Just like in the American movies or commercials. But all this was in fact behind the wheel and sat me. All Rhodes can travel all over in a few hours – a little more than the island of St. Petersburg.

Traditions Craft


If you ask the Cypriots what they posoveli picturesque place to visit for guests of the island road from Nicosia to Limassol, the answer in most cases is the same – Lefkara. As one of the most picturesque villages in Cyprus, she can not leave anyone indifferent tourists from around the world, nor the islanders themselves.

Wine commandments


Greece produces more than 500 varieties of wine. The roots of winemaking goes back to antiquity. No one knows who first thought of fermented grape juice is used, but it is known that ancient Greek gods were very fond of this drink. Among them stood out in particular Dionysus – the god of wine. In his honor, and in honor of the wine created hymns and even entire volumes.