Peninsula of Halkidiki


Poseidon’s trident piercing the Aegean Sea “- so poetically called the Greek peninsula of Halkidiki , which lies about 50 km from Thessaloniki, the second largest and most important city of Greece. More than 500 km of the most picturesque beaches stretch along the coast of the peninsula that has long been chosen for the rest as the Greeks themselves and many foreigners from different countries.

Mount Athos


The unique and magnificent spectacle that is a natural and architectural ensemble. Its organizers originally not so much care about external comeliness as being focused on its inner significance and accuracy of functional application, has reached unprecedented heights in the ability to create a truly musical harmony between nature, as such, and the nature of human life. So ideal content clothed in the perfect shape.

Greek Island of Crete


One day, Poseidon, god of the sea depths, Minos sent a handsome white bull, so he offered it. Minos also broke the vow, given his patron, and then angry Poseidon Pasiphae bewitched wife of Minos, making her fall in love with the ill-fated bull. The fruit of a fatal and evil passions – Minotaur poluchelovek, polubyk – has become a curse and a disgrace of King Minos.

Greek Island of Santorini


It is better to define the terms. Under the boredom I personally do not understand the gentle kind of depression, but only and only the lack of role. The man almost always plays a role: leader, subordinate, the father, secular dandy, a freelance artist. Tourists and travelers – is no exception.