Winged Island


The first thing we do in Greece, – take rent a car. Without a car here as without hands. Rent cheap (30-60 euros / day), the roads are good, hospitable Greeks, mountainous serpentines add adrenaline, vineyards and olive please the eye of taverns generally a separate conversation.

Crete. On a scooter in the valley a thousand windmills


The man who first falls on Crete , you can not detach from the sea. When you look at the waves again, the rocks, it seems that this is it – the highest point of happiness: dissolve completely in the clear, turquoise water …

Rhodes and Corfu – a game of contrasts


The peculiarity of Greek culture and landscape of comparison most clearly demonstrate the westernmost point of the country – the island of Corfu , which in Italy at hand, and the mountainous island of Rhodes, located east of all Mediterranean resorts of Turkey.

The sacred status of Greece


Greece – the only European country where the church is not separated from the state. Greeks themselves – devout people. About 70% – believers and church authority here – a significant part of public life. Historically, the church performed the core of the nation during the grave 600 years of Turkish rule. Interesting fact: the Greek clergy have the status of civil servants and receive salary from the state.