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What to bring from Greece

What to buy

Many of our compatriots, going on vacation, often more addicted to the list of what is necessary to bring the country visit than a list of useful things on the road.

Can not say that this sweet feature can be categorized as negative character traits typical citizen of the vast country.

What to buy in Greece

What to buy

Greece is famous primarily inexpensive furs. But in addition to coats and there is much to calm your thirst for shopping. Get ready, we set off on the Greek market and the shops.

Famous Greeks in the world of modern technology

Famous Greeks

Greece – the country is small, but very well-known for its outstanding scientists and researchers. Moreover, not only in ancient times, but in modern times, and not only in Greece but also abroad. Many Greeks studied in other countries, in the most prestigious European and American universities.

Three of the best places for breakfast in Athens

Breakfast in Athens

Oh, friends, female logic such logic. Here I read yesterday post about the difficulties of understanding with local faced by foreigners living in Greece. Upset even once. And what I did then? Went to the site to see flights to Athens and cute flats for vacation rentals. But the holiday is not planned anyway, so that the direction of energy in a positive direction, I decided to tell you about their three most favorite place for breakfast in Athens.