One of the main symbols of the Greek dance “Sirtaki” is proving to be not traditional, and even, in some way, not Greek. History now famous “ta-dum-dum … ta … ta-Dari-Dari-dum …” began only in 1964, with output to screen the film “Zorba the Greek” with Anthony Quinn in the title role.

In the story Zorba Quinn should teach his friend Englishman Greek folk dance. However, for the steps and jumps actor were not instructed, and Quinn had to go to compose movement under Theodorakis specially written music. Dance creativity complicated by the fact that on the eve of the actor broke his leg inappropriately, so the maximum that could – elegantly podvolakivat injured limb. Puzzled director Quinn explained: “Yes, it’s a Greek dance called … uh-uh … Sirtaki – I taught him a local.” And in his memoirs admitted that the name coined as the whole dance. It seems, if not foot Anthony Quinn, the Greeks would have nothing to dance at weddings!

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