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Holidays in Greece


Greece – the cradle of ancient civilization. Today holiday in Greece is extremely popular with tourists from around the world. The exciting story of fantasy, a fertile nature and culture of this area constantly attracted to lovers of antiquities and those who wish to rest comfortably on the shores of the azure sea. Numerous resorts in Greece are located in different parts of the country, so everyone can choose the program of rest, which he will be most interesting.

Where to eat in Greece

Where to eat

In Greece, you should have no problem with the fact that where and how to eat. Enough to know a few rules.

Avoid places where bringing in tour groups for lunch. Greeks tend not to omit the gastronomic bar very very low, but there are exceptions and unpleasant.

Cuisine and restaurants in Greece


Greek cuisine – is an abundance of vegetables and herbs, dairy products (especially soft cheese), olives and olive oil, bread and wine. Of “heavy” often cooked lamb and poultry, are not shy as beef and pork.

In Greece where the best beaches?

Best beaches

All municipal beaches in Greece, therefore, sunbeds and umbrellas – surcharge (about EUR 4 per day), many hotels give free sunbeds and umbrellas. The vast majority of beaches – sandy, pebble rarely caught. In general, the beaches on the mainland noisier than on the islands; at last there is also plenty of cozy coves and sea are often quieter.