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One of the main symbols of the Greek dance “Sirtaki” is proving to be not traditional, and even, in some way, not Greek. History now famous “ta-dum-dum … ta … ta-Dari-Dari-dum …” began only in 1964, with output to screen the film “Zorba the Greek” with Anthony Quinn in the title role.

Greece, for the tourist review


Go to Greece just for the fact that at a furious pace to see the sights or, conversely, lazily lying on the beach – a crime. In this country, it is necessary to enjoy: food and wine, the sea and the midday heat, socializing with locals and nature, antiquities and silence, discos and fun. All at once – different here still will not work.

Kalymnos – Island divers for sponges


In Greece since antiquity diving for sponges. On the use of sponges wrote Aristotle , as well as mentioned Homer in the “Iliad” and the “Odyssey.” During the last centuries the Greek sponge fishing was centered around the Dodecanese islands with indisputable center on Kalymnos – Island divers for sponges. 

Kalymnos – the island-opening


On Kalymnos we went unexpectedly for themselves. Although I have some doubts.

I well remember my impressions of six years ago from Symi , where we went on a tour of Rhodes. Simi as Kalymnos (accent on the first syllable), often called the island of sponge divers, they have a similar history and destiny.