Vacation on the island of Kos


Kos – small picturesque Greek island in the Aegean Sea. The length of its coastline is 112 kilometers. The island is home to just over 30 000 people, and its administrative center – the city of Kos.

The Greek island of Kos is located in the Aegean Sea, it is one of the islands of the Dodecanese (the largest island of the archipelago – Rhodes). It is located just 4 kilometers from the coast of the Turkish resort of Bodrum. Kos has a coastline of 112 km, an area of ​​290 square meters. km and a population of over 30 thousand people.

The island has a rich history. It is mentioned in the “Iliad” of Homer: its inhabitants fought on the side of the Greeks in the Trojan War, and according to Roman mythology, he repeatedly visited Hercules. The proximity to the eastern countries left its mark – here a long time people did shelkopryadstvom and weaving and ancient mosques built by the Turks during his reign on the island, make a kind of contrast in the architecture of the Orthodox people.

Today it is a delightful resort, attracting tourists mainly for its beaches and paradisiacal nature. Hotels Kos different decent service and relatively democratic value. Ticket to the island of Kos will give the opportunity to enjoy the sun, the warm Aegean Sea and delicious Mediterranean cuisine.


Kos – incredibly beautiful resort area with lots of sights and interesting places that tourists like to explore at your leisure. The main object of attention – a huge temple complex Asklepion. Its ancient ruins were found during excavations at the beginning of the last century. Asklepion has three broad terraces sloping down the hill, connected spacious stone staircases. Complex erected at one time served as a hospital, a medical and educational center of the temple. Rumor has it that one of the pupils of the school of medicine was Hippocrates himself. On Kos also has a museum of the great scientist, a native of the island and pride. In it regularly hosts congresses and conferences of doctors from around the world.

Knights Castle Knights of St. John, towering over the city’s port, also perfectly preserved to this day and gives tourists a joy to admire the fabulous views from the height of its walls. Among other historical and architectural monuments worth noting Agora, detected the earthquake, amazing mosque Defterdar Haji Hassan, built during the reign of the Turks islands and keeping precious relics, and many existing Orthodox churches.


On the island of Kos is almost always a clear sunny weather. The water temperature comfortable for swimming already in May and remains so until the end of October. The air temperature in summer days often reaches + 35 ° C, but the cool moist wind from the sea eliminates the heat and allows you to enjoy your holiday. Particularly pleasing is the period of “velvet” season, which lasts from September to the end of October.Winters are rainy and windy, but still soft.


The island has beaches to suit every taste – quiet and crowded, pebbly and sandy, and even beach with black sand of volcanic origin. All of them are surrounded by magnificent nature and is fully equipped. Some with wonderful views of the nearby small islands in the sea, others boast a so-called natural jacuzzi: small volcanic gas bubbles rising from the bottom and hiss on the water surface. The most popular resorts of the island – Kamari (family), Kardamena (Youth) Psalidi (overlooking the Turkish resort of Bodrum) and Tigaki (a godsend for surfers and veyvrayderov).


Resorts Kos is very popular among young people, as night life here boils throughout the tourist season. Noisy parties, discos and fashion shows to entertain visitors in the evening, and sometimes until the morning. Fans of something more relaxing will appreciate cozy cafes and restaurants with delicious dishes from the menu of the sea, well maintained embankments, parks and flowering gardens. The local shopping pavilions and the markets you can buy authentic clothing, leather and silk, souvenirs, fresh fruit and vegetables, olive oil, cheeses and much more. Families with children for boat rides, children’s performances, a water park. One of the best ways to spend time is unforgettable yachting on emerald sea at the picturesque islands and bays.

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