What to bring from Greece

What to buy

Many of our compatriots, going on vacation, often more addicted to the list of what is necessary to bring the country visit than a list of useful things on the road.

Can not say that this sweet feature can be categorized as negative character traits typical citizen of the vast country.

 Nevertheless, experienced experts insist that tourists a more meaningful approach to selecting memorabilia.

Ancient rumored that Greece has it all. Fortunately, almost the way it is, but this is a fact greatly complicates the problem of choice.

First of all, in Greece there are olives and olive oil. Specific categories periodically declare that what oil is sold in Greece, is quite different from that which is sold in local supermarkets. As for the olives, the rare compatriot not tried them in the form of canned food, and a ripe fruit. They say it’s two completely different fun.

In addition, fans of Greek salad should definitely visit the market and buy on the way home more feta cheese, which in Greece is considered almost a national treasure and is the object of special pride. Many do say that the “real” feta sold exclusively in Greece.While everything else is considered to be low-grade counterfeit.

Alcoholic beverages – it wines and cognacs. All this is done at home in Greece, with the soul, feeling, really, slowly. But here we must take special selectivity and not to buy cognac, which is less than twelve years, as well as wine, which costs less than three euros.

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