What to buy in Greece

What to buy

Greece is famous primarily inexpensive furs. But in addition to coats and there is much to calm your thirst for shopping. Get ready, we set off on the Greek market and the shops.


And yet, we’ll start it with fur. If you happen to visit Greece in the spring or summer – consider yourself lucky. You can buy a great coat at a very reasonable price. Winter coats cost grows significantly. The main “shubny center” of the country, it Kastoria .

Olive oil

Greece – the birthplace of olive oil. Therefore it is not surprising that this is doing here is very tasty and nutritious oil. A couple of bottles with a grab exactly worth. This is a truly unique product, and even at a low price.


This anisette, which the local population is almost no demand. And we should say absolutely nothing. But our tourists love this drink and often bring it out of Greece.


Komboloi – this rosary. But this is not a religious attribute, but rather a beautiful accessory. In local markets, you will come across hundreds of different colors komboloev. Discreet and not get them very difficult, painfully cool look, and soothe the nerves.


If you are a person Orthodox, do not miss the opportunity to purchase a beautiful icon.

Olive Soap

This is exactly what our country hardly find. Olive soap has a unique odor, while there are no additives and perfumes.


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