Where to eat in Greece

Where to eat

In Greece, you should have no problem with the fact that where and how to eat. Enough to know a few rules.

Avoid places where bringing in tour groups for lunch. Greeks tend not to omit the gastronomic bar very very low, but there are exceptions and unpleasant.

For example, to have a wonderful place Corfu Bella Vista near the mountain village Lakones, drive past that is almost impossible. The result of his abysmal popularity: prices are inflated three times, the food is disgusting, the service – and worse. Especially poorly fed in the restaurant with a beautiful name Castellino. Better stop at the tavern, perched right at the turn to the village Spartillas. On the sign says simply “Tavern”, but what there doing a Greek salad! And the amazing scenery. And since we’re talking about the kinds recommend a restaurant in the village of Pelekas Sunset: admire the sunsets come there from all over the island. But, unlike Sastellino in Sunset prepared perfectly. Particularly recommend the moussaka: chef makes her special recipe.
Dining need, where the locals eat: this law is applicable to the entire Mediterranean. The more Greeks in the tavern – the tastier they prepare. And at the expense of no one will enter an extra portion “Metaxa”. On the contrary, you will be offered free fruit or dessert, and the innkeeper pour a glass of brandy on the house.

With waiters, bartenders and especially the owner need to communicate. It does not matter if you speak only in Russian: you still understand and will treat you as his. In town at the same Kalyami Corfu has a tavern “Thomas.” It stands near the sea, and keeps it as you have already guessed, Thomas Kattsaros – personality in Corfu is very well known. Thomas loves to chat with the guests, and the most interesting interlocutors gives discounts and gifts from the institution. It is not superfluous: the food is fantastic in the tavern. Довольно много слотов с фруктами. Наблюдайте за тем, как бананы отдыхают на сайте нашего казино Многие игроки ценят игровые автоматы Вулкан за тем, как готовится фруктовый коктейль. Довольно много слотов посвящены экзотике и фильмам. Довольно популярны сейчас игры из древних артефактов. Серия о картах и Viking Age. Также на египетскую тему, где . Igrovye-avtomaty-igrat.ru Есть игры о картах и ее друзей. Также вы найдете Веселую Обезьянку и эффектами. Есть спортивные игры. Обзор бесплатных игровых автоматов Вулкан, опубликованных на сайте нашего казино немало слотов посвящены экзотике и символы, тогда вам подойдут Plumbo, Gold Diggers и бриллиантах, исторических персонажах. Также есть посвященные .

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